Humrahi ( segment 58 )

His point of view-
I got and began my usual routine of wishing her good morning…
I started to remove her photo from under the pillow.. wasn’t there…
Startled i checked my eyes fully open…
There was no photo of her..? No photo at the bed side table…and none at the wall…
Where did all her photos go?? How was i going to stay alive this way??
No her …No photos..
Just then my eyes landed on a note on the dressing table..
“Happy Birthday..! Please clean your room and make some place in your wardrobe” it said..
Who had left this note here..?? possible ..they were at the aashram…
But she was gone…wasn’t she..?
My best friend..?? And i instantly found myself calling her .
“What is the meaning of all this ??” I yelled as she picked up the phone on the other side..
“U know na i cant live without her..?? What did you do with her photos..?? I am going to kill you..” i start ranting again..
“I am at my fiance’s since last night…and why do you think i did all this ??” her answer takes me by surprise..
I mumble a quick sorry and hang up..
I again go and inspect the note to find out about the mystery intruder..
I pick it up and inspect it closely just then a similar smell numbs my senses..
Her strawberry shampoo..
I jerk the thought away and begin my inspection once again..
After a hour of searching around ..defeated i sit on my bed and look at the note again…
Its not Kaka…Not dadu…definitely not my best friend…can it be her..?
Immediately i rush to her room and find it locked…i try peep but i don’t find anything unususal…
Everything seems just the way she keeps it…
Realisation hits me…SHE DINT LEAVE…SHE DINT..
I pull out my phone and call her up ..
Ring …. Ring….Ring…
It keeps ringing but she dosen’t answer…
” Aag suraj mein hoti hai, jalna zameen ko padta hai … mohabbat nigahein karti hai, tadapna dil ko padta hai” she sends me with a wink…

P.S this link is for needhi singh

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  1. U r always amazing. The quote is really so nice that….I can’t explain u.
    But today’s part was shorter than usual.
    Anyways please note one thing from now on I don’t think I’ll b commenting anymore but I’ll definitely read this. Sorry I cannot comment after today (I think so) but I’ll make sure that I would read this fiction daily.
    Off! Such a long comment!isn’t it??

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u shiksha

  2. Nice.. But short…

    1. thanks seeba

  3. Sree_deeksha

    AWSOME one…. but too short

    1. thanks sree deeksha

  4. Aahna

    Awsm…..specially last lines

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks aahna

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks kumu

  5. gud one..

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks niya

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