Humrahi ( segment 57 )


Her point of view-
I settled myself on the rock near the river and looked at my reflection..
His love marks clearly visible now as they had become red…
I recalled his words “Muze bhi aise hi dard hota hain jabh tum uske sath hoti ho tabh” ..
But then what was he doing with her ??
For him also body is more important than the person??
My reflection in the water answers..
“Idiot if he wanted your body he could have had it the day you came…”
Her answer made sense but still i couldn’t get on terms with the fact that he was with someone else??
I felt cheated …betrayed…
I recall his bestfriends words..”Areey..! He wont even look at any girl except you let alone touch them” she had said..
Then what was that.??
What was he doing ??
Suddenly i hear my phone ringing..its my p.a ..
“Mam actually ek bhut badi problem ho gayi hai…wo humari jo new accountant hain usne sir k against complain file kar di hai ki sir ne usko molest karne ki koshish ki….Mam office mai sab log gossip karre hai..Sir ka phone bhi switch off hai..” she says
“Okay tum tension mat lo..main manage kar lungi …Thanks” i reply..
New accountant..i try to recall her face…
yes..! she was the one who was with him in the cabin today…
She was recruited only two days she should have been for training today..
Training takes place in the other office .then what was she doing here in the main office..?
He dosen’t know about her because i was the one who recruited her so he wouldn’t have called her…
Then how come ..??
My thoughts are disturbed by a message from my ex fiance..
“So ready to come jaan..? ” it read.
Everything starts to make sense now…This was his stupid move to destroy him so that he gets back at me..

I recall his words on the other night
“Jitna zaroorat hai utna wo muze bata chuki hai…aur jan ne ki zaroorat hogi toh wo muze bata degi…
Aap fikar na karein ” he had said …
He had always been there for me and now it was my turn…
I headed towards the car and drove home…
When i reached home…the door was open…i went in straight to his room…
He was lying on a chair in the balcony with broken pieces of glass lying everywhere..
I went to him and hugged him…
“Dur Hato..! Wo dekhegi to usko acha nai lagega… Wo phir royegi aur main uske aansun bardash nai kar sakta …Yaha dard hota hain yaha..” he says and starts beating his chest
Tears start to brim in my eyes seeing his condition..
I clean up the glass pieces..put the bottle away and get him inside the room..
His clothes are all dusty..propably he has been to the godown…so i start to remove his clothes to change them…
But as soon as i unbutton his shirt he pushes me away and yells ” Ye haq sirf uska hai..” and starts to button up his shirt again…
I can’t control my tears anymore so i start to cry…
After a minute i wipe them…I can’t get weak now ..
I have be there for him..He needs me right now..
I again head back to him and try to hug him…He protests a lot but i don’t budge and soon he breaks down in my embrace..
I let him cry his heart out because i know this is the last time he is crying..
Henceforth he won’t be crying because i won’t let him do so…
After his sobs have died down ..I make him lie down on the bed and request him to sleep…
“Nayi sounga ..subah wo chali jati hai …Nai jaane dunga usko..” he keeps murmuring..
My heart aches to see him in so much pain…
I take him back in my arms and caress his back to soothe him…
“Shh kahi nai jayegi wo..she is yours na ..she will come back to you…shhh. ..relax…i am right here with you ” i say while ruffling his hair…
After he had slept…i got up and went to my room amd called my p.a

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  1. Sree_deeksha

    AWSOME!!!!! That idiot fiance I’ll kill him….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u sree deeksha

  2. Aahna

    this part is so emotional .

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks aahna

  3. Omg .. sanky is so cute. Atlest swara understands d depth of his love

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks varu

  4. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks tamanna

  5. Sanskar is talking about whom????
    Plz tell me.
    I just started reading it.

    1. Stoneheart

      Aww needhi singh of course he is talking about her..

  6. Frstlyy veryy bigg sryy fr not cmmtng fr last few episds…due to my xams..but nw i can’t stp myslf commntng as today’s epi ws sooo touchyy n sweet…his murmurings n hr soothy touch to him is sooo blissful..nw dnt let dat stupid fiance ruin der sweet wrld..n make swara bold n brave to protest him n save hr love sanskaar…

    1. aww divyarani thank u so i said stay tuned


    1. thanks kumu

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