Humrahi ( segment 55 )


Its him…
My hottie..
But i can sense something is wrong with him..his eyes ..they are of he cried a lot..or maybe he is angry..
Ohh no angry..i recall him hitting that big guy in the godown the other day..
No but he won’t hurt me …will he..?
So i gather up courage and cup his face and ask him what happened..?
He jerks my hand and pins me to the wall..twisting my jerked hand with his hand…
“Aaaah you are hurting me..” i complain..
“Muze bhi aise hi dard hota hain jabh tum uske sath hoti ho tabh” he says almost screaming…
And the next minute..he burries himself in my neck kissing and biting me hungrilly..
As i am about to hug him back ..he retreats in a swift motion and is out of the room..out of the house..
I rush down to the driveway..but he has already left ..
I don’t follow him because i know he needs his space …so i wait for him in the hall..
His point of view-
I was so angry that i don’t know it just all came out on her…she might hate me for this..
I fought 4 fights..and that helped me to calm my nerves..
I am driving back home now..i just hope i haven’t upset her much..
As soon as i enter the hall she walks upto me…i can’t even meet her eye now..that is how i guilty i feel for removing my anger on her ..
“I am so sorry i don’t know what took over me .., i shouldn’t have screamt at you..” i say looking at my shoes…
She cups my face like she had done back at the room when i had shouted on her and says something that was totally unexpected..she says ” i understand”..
She understood me….nobody has ever understood me…but she does…
With that she takes me to my room and makes me lie down on my bed..” Don’t worry I am with you ..right here…Calm down” she says..
Then she gives me a sweet smile and heads to her room..
I lay back on the bed thinking about what she had just said…that she understood…
Her point of view-
My hottie is getting jealous..ooh i din’t know he loves me so much…
“I love you my Nightmare guy” i say and lay down on the bed ..
The next is unusual morning i get up before him..prepare his breakfast for him..keep it on his bedside table and admire his sleeping figure…
When i feel him stirring i quickly tip toe out of the room…too shy to face him..
“Good morning Jaan” he says looking at my picture under his pillow..
I quietly observe him from the balcony of his room without his notice…
He takes off his tshirt and heads to the bathroom..
He comes out with water dripping from his wet hair and a towel around his waist..
” Baby you know aaj meri client k sath meeting hai ..” he says talking to my picture on the wall..
He continues ” Sweetheart i know pehli meeting nai hai …par tum toh janti ho na har meeting k pehle muze first meeting wali nervousness hoti hai ..”
He wears his blazer and the next moment he does something unexpected..
He irons my scarf and puts it in his pocket ..
Tears well up in my eyes but i try to control the urge to run and hug him..
He eats his breakfast …
Kisses my photo on the sidetable and says..” I love you so much…I wish I could express it to you.” And the next moment he hugs the picture and walks out with the empty tray..
As soon as his car leaves the driveway i come into his room from the balcony..
I pick up the clothes tha are strewn all over the floor..put them in his cupboard and head towards office…
I cannot wait any more to express my feelings to the first thing i do is go to his cabin …
But when i open the door the scene i see shakes the ground beneath me…

Kuch toh gadbad ho gaya..oh no…par kya..??

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