Humrahi ( segment 52 )


Few days later-
His point of view-
It was 11 in the night..
After she had served me dinner ..we were in the study to discuss about the presentation due the next day… we no more discussed business in rooms ..
She says that she dsnt want to mix personal and professional life but i know its because of the chipkali incident…
After the incident she had been behaving really weird … u noe smiling and all…stealing glances at me…

Its not that i dont like it but its really akward when catches me stairing at her…
Its not like i stare at her full day but only in my free time..thats like 60% of the day..
When i am not stairing at her i stare at her pictures in my room..
I think i am getting obsessed with her..
Her point of view-
That night was so beautiful…i cant imagine a better night than that…the way he held me close…it felt so safe in his arms…
We are preparing for a presentation tomorrow..but i am so eyes are shutting down..
But even he is tired..he hasn’t slept properly last night..he was preparing for the meeting today…

He is almost asleep on the arm chair beside me..
“Hey..Room mai jaa kar so jao” i tell him after its been 10 mins and he hasn’t replied to my question…
“Do you want me to go..? Will you manage..?” He asks for the fourth time before going to bed..
His point of view-
“Its not always about what i want …what you want is equally important ” she replies…
“So yup i am sure i can handel go..and sleep ..”
“Trust me” she says after i had reached the door..
As soon i reach my room i drop on the bed and fall asleep…

4 am
I am feeling thirsty so i get up from my bed to go down to the kitchen..
But then i notice my shoes have been taken off…my blazer has been taken off..
I dont remember doing so myself as we had come home late thus we had directly gone for dinner and then to the study…
It must be her..and i smile at the gesture..
I head down to drink a glass of water when i see the lights of the study room still on..
Is she still working?? Its 4 in the morning..?
When will she get some sleep??
So i head to the study and find the most beautiful scene ..
She is curled up on the corner of an armchair like a ball….the laptop is open..the files are all over the table..

A cup of steaming coffee is left unfinished…
I smile at the scene..
I tiptoe inside the study room..and check for the presentation…its completed..impressive…
I clean up the place ..finish up the coffee..yup i actually do that..i have seen that in movies that they say “Jhutha khane se pyar badta hai .” And how i can leave this chance with my angel…
Then gently i pick her and she clings to me instantly like she knows its me…
I place her on the bed..cover her up with sheets and head to my room ..
Her point of view-

The next day –
Aah..! I am so damn sleep..5 back to back meetings and now these heels..they are killing me…
I kick off my sandels..remove my blazer and loosen my hair…
I must look like a maniac now because i can see people stairing at me…
Somehow i manage to reach home..

But as soon as i put the key in the hole and open the door..
The view surprises me ..the house was tastefully decorated with white flowers..mograa and rajanigandha to be precise…
“Wow”..i gasped…
My favourite..
He was dressed in white too…

“Welcome home” he said as soon as he saw me…

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