Humrahi ( segment 51)


She was standing on the bed now with a pillow in her hand..
“Chipkali hai wahan” i heard her say and then it finally struck me that there was a chipkali in the room..
Aaaaggghhhh…!! Both of us screamt at top of voices and rushed to the balcony
Her point of view-
There was a big chipkali in the room that scared me..
But him?? Why did he scream??
Is he scared??
Wow all those biceps and all gone waste..perfect oppertunity to tease him…
“Tum kyun chillaye..?” I ask him teasingly

His point of view-
Abh main isko kaise bataun k muze bhi chipkali se darr lagata hai…
She will tease me for a life time.
“Wo …wo …wo tum chillayi issliye mai chillaya” he said after a lot of thinking
“Waise tum kyun chillayi ..??
Tumhe darr lagta hain kya??” I asked narrowing my eyes…
Abh dekhte hain tum kya jawab deti ho..u are so gone today…
I can hear the evil laugh in the baground..
Her point of view-
Abh main kya jawab du…yeh mazak mujh par hi bhari padh gaya…ohh god..!
” Wo actually wo tumhare itne paas thi na toh muze laga wo tumhe kaat legi..isliye usko darane kliye and you know lizards are poisonous”
He looks at me with a mischevious smile and starts coming towards me…
My heart beat starts to increase…i start to move behind …
What is he upto..??

His point of view-
I am enjoying all this… Teasing her is so much fun..
Belkol Bachi hain..! Main sahi naam se bulata hun isse “Mera Bacha”
I continue to move towards her…and she keeps moving backwards…
Finally she can’t move more as she has reached the balcony door…
I go over to her … lean closer ..i can hear her heartbeats go thump thump thump…
But i just…

Her point of view-
He is so close to me now..i can smell his after shave and its numbing my senses…
Does he wear that all the time…?
But why is he leaning so close to me…?
My heart is beating like a drum … i close my eyes in fear…and the next moment he is gone…
I quickly open my eyes and find him looking down from the balcony..
What the hell just happened..?
His point of view-
I am trying hard to control my laughter …but in vain and i burst out laughing loudly ..
“Kya Hua..?” She asked..
Kuch nai Darwaza band ho gya hain..bass andar se hi khulega ..” i reply..
“Kuch nai bass rat yahi guzarni hogi..”
Her point of view-
“Kyun??” I enquire
“Kyunki madam humare phone bhi andar hain…aur yha se awaz andar nahi jayegi…so jab Kaka subah safai k liye aayenge tabh humein wo andar le lenge” he replies cooly…
Wow ..! My hottie so smart…and the next moment he comes with the stupidest idea ever..He says” Ya fir main yaha se niche jata hun…main door se andar aakar darwaza khol deta hun…”
Yea right one minute i was praising him for his brains and the next moment he comes out with this shittiest idea ever…
Kisi ne sach kaha hai …Guys with musceles have no brains..

His point of view-
I wont do something which makes her uncomfortable i gave the idea of going down from the gallery…
But no..she dosen’t like my idea.!
Great..! So we are stuck here till morning..
I settle myself on the swing that is there in the balcony..
Her point of view-
I cant possibly let him do that …what if he hurts himself..
Going down from the first floor isnt a joke…Lag sakti..Fracture ho sakta…
Kuch bhi ho sakta hain..!
No..! I can’t allow this…
He is sitting on one side of the i go sit on the opposite side and close my eyes..resting my head on the side chain of the swing..
“Good Night” i tell him and close my eyes..

His point of view-
Gayi beta tumhari subha ki meeting…
All the best..!
“Good night” i reply and try to close my eyes but can’t …
My eyes prefer to look at her than to sleep ……!

Her point of view-
1 am
I see him sleeping on the other side of the swing …
Oohh gosh..! He is so cute…
But he is shivering..!
Yea i know its summer but morning and evenings can get a little chilly …
So i remove my shawl and place it around his shoulders…
He curls into it the next moment..and i smile at his cuteness..
I sit back at my side and try to sleep..
His point of view-

2 am
I can feel the shawl around me..
Yeh kabh hua??
I glance over to her she is all curled up like a ball..
Is she cold..?
I gently get up and place ths shawl on her and kiss her forhead…
Her point of view-

3 am
The shawl is on me now…
As soon as i get up and was about to put the shawl on him…
He holds my hand..
” I think we both can share this” he says.
I have no other choice but to agree because he is shivering and i am cold too..
So i sit next to him and out the shawl over both of us …
“U know house lizards don’t bite .and they are not poisonous” he whispers in my ears…
“Good Night !” I reply trying to act unaffected by his act…but only i know the tingling sensation that i feel near my ears..

His point of view-
“Good Night” i reply trying to supress the laugh i had been holding after seeing her expression….
Oohh god..!! Par abh how should i sleep??
She is so close to feelings are getting out of control..i just want to hold and in my arms and kiss her…
Her strawberry shampoo is driving me crazy..
Oohh god..! Somebody help me..

4 am –
I can’t believe i spent the whole one hour staring at her…she looks so pretty while sleeping…
But why is she still feeling cold..??
Ooh now i get it there is too much gap between us letting the air to pass …
But i can’t go closer to her…i will go completely crazy..
But i cant leave her like that..
Soon my heart won the world war 3 ..
I shifted closer to her..took her in my arms … rewrapped the shawl on us …and rested my head on hers..
Slowly she makes herself comfortable in my embrance…like i am her bed…
But i like this feeling..its just so beautiful…
My my arms..beneath the stars…

Dedication – This chapter is specially dedicated to Divyarani as she wanted to see some magic between them..

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