Humrahi ( segment 50 )


Her point of view-
The next morning my sleep was disturbed by the some one…I expected it to be him..but to my surprise it was my fiance…
He came over me and pulled me by my hair..
“Chodho Mujhe” i yelled
“Shh..! Jaan tum sirf meri ho aur main tumhe apna bana kar rahunga” He said with an evil grin..
I strugged to get free but he dint budge he pulled me closer and said “Tum khud aaogi wapas mere paas yeh mera challenge hain..” and with that he left ..
His point of view-
The first thing she did when i came back from the office was to hug me…
Oohh..! I so wish everyday ended this way..
I get back from office .. she hugs me..serves me dinner with a smile..
She sleeps besides me at night in my arms..
My dream was broken by her…it felt like i was flying in a hot air balloon enjoying the scenery one moment and then somebody shot it down the next
Thud.! On the floor….
” Dinner k baad kuch files par discuss karna hain room main aa jana”she said and left..
Mera dream meri dream girl hi break kar deti hai..uurrgghh
Kya jindagi hai ..!
With that i proceed to my room..changed up and come down for dinner..
There was no sign of her..sighing i eat my dinner all alone and head towards her room..
How i hate eating meals alone…
As soon as i entered i saw her sitting on the bed reading some files..
Her long hair was covering half of her face..
A shawl was gently wrapped up around her body over her nightdress..
She looked up at me and motioned me to sit beside her…
Her point of view-
He was standing at the door with his hands folded across his chest..
I could see his biceps and they were driving me crazy…
My hottie is so damn hot… but he had moved on …
But .when our eyes met i called him to sit beside me…
As he got closer and closer my heart beat was then i noticed he was in wearing a cute nightdress instead of his business suit…
Its not that i dint like him in suits..he looked equally hot in them also..but somehow i liked this look more…maybe because i was the only one who would get to see him in this look…
Cute look..
Aww my cutie pie..!
Suddenly i got up and gave him a peck on his cheeks..he was surprised at first but later he hugged me …aah…those biceps were around me now…i could feel the warmth..
Suddenly i could here somebody clearing their throat and i looked around to find him sitting on the bed and giving me a weird look…
It was then i realised that i had been dreaming all along…
I quickly opened the file and began discussing with him about the deal..
His point of view-
Why is she behaving so strange..? I decided to ponder over it later and to focus on the work at hand now…
I tried hard to pay attention to what she was trying to say but her long her kept disturbing me .
I got up and tucked a loose strand of her hair to get a better look of my love…
She smiled shyly and buried her face in chest…wow this is life…
“Chipkali” she screamnt breaking my dream.
And here i was thinking my love will understand my love…
Silly me…!

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  1. Congratulations dear for ur half century?.. It was toooo good.. Keep up ur good job.. Long way to goooooo

    1. thank u so much shree ..

  2. Aahna

    Awsm part….
    congratulations for half century….
    one more thing why they always romance in dreams…

    1. kyunki they are unaware of each other’s feelings.. and she thinks he moved on while he thinks she dosent love him back..

  3. Tamanna

    Awesome… N congrats dear for half century…. Plz unite swasan soon…

    1. thanks tammana

  4. amazng..congratulations for half

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks kumu

  5. Yaar..plzz no more dreams..i want dem to spend sme tym wid sweet romance…no more hurdles also..episode ws good…nd it’s my request

    1. Stoneheart

      Okay divya rani …and thanks a lot

  6. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one….. congrats yaar completed half century successfully with so many readers and fans like me… and sorry yaar… my college started I’m busy with those work so I’m late today also…..

    1. hey sree its totally alright..pls dont apologise and thanks

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