Humrahi (segment 5 )


Few days passed and nothing substantial happened as their was a preppratory leave and then exams

after exam I received a call from my boyfriend .. saying that we should meet up soon.. as it had been long and he was getting restless to see me..
how much ever I tried sayin that I was busy with my cousins as it vacation time he kept persuading and at last I agreed to meet after he sent me the song …

Can you feel meWhen I think about you?With every breath I takeEvery minuteNo matter what I doMy world is an empty placeLike I’ve been wandering the desertFor a thousand days (oh)Don’t know if it’s a mirageBut I always see your face, baby..

a year without rain By Selena Gomez

so I dressed up and headed out to meet him…
I was wearing nothing elaborate jus a shirt wid a pair of casual jeans .. for a casual meeting with my boyfriend ..yea boyfriend ….  thats wad everyone called him…

he seemed different tday … he hadn’t shaved and his stuble had taken a shape of a nice beard giving him a very manly look… his body looked like the guy of the aad I saw this morning about the gym in our near by area …. yea m a bit fascinated with guys who go gymming .. strange
he was wearing my favourite T-shirt..

okay his tshirt in which I adored on him the most… I was taken aback by his apereance but decide to shrug it off thinking that maybe I was over reacting as the holidays were driving me crazy …as usual…holidays are not meant for me  .. m a bit of a workaholic…
he started by telling me how much he missed me and how much he wanted to see me.. hold me  .. HW much he needed me… I felt a bit odd..he had never behaved like this before…so y now?? .. he realised I was not paying attention to him …he held my hand… n pulled a shiver ran down my spine with his touch… he started moving towards me…with a mischevious smile on his face that I hadnt seen before…my legs turned into lead… I cudnt move .. I couldn’t understand what was happening … suddenly I was feeling unsafe with him.. I don’t know it was a strange feeling .. I had never felt like that before..

but to my surprise he just came and gave me a warm hug…which made me relax and soon I was melting in his hug..he mumbled in my hair that he had missed me.. and counted days for exams to finish so that he could again hold me in his arms…caress my face..feel me ..
I was really happy realising that he was the same guy that girls droooled over and now I was in his arms ..  n he was making me feel all special with his words…we stood hugging each other for quiet SME tym … we went to our usual place and headed homeward…
I wondered that as I am out of the house might as well spend some at the river never know maybe I would bump into the nightmare guy.
I headed towards to the river side and setteled myself on my usual spot ..  n Began thinking about my relation and how it was progressing..

when suddenly the nightmare guy approached out of nowhere and sat beside me..


Credit to: Stoneheart

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