Humrahi ( segment 48 )

The wall opposite the bed was filled with be precise it was filled with photographs of me…
Gosh..! Even i dint have these many photos of myself..
Curiosity took over and i went further in..
On the side table was the photo we had taken on his birthday ..happily smiling at the camera ..
Good old days..!

Just then my eyes fell on the iron table ..on it was my scarf..washed and ironed..
He still had it..?? But why.??
Did his girlfriend approve of all this?
And memories of the day he had saved me came back..our first hug…and a smile crept on my lips…
My thoughts were broken by a phone call…hoping it to be him ..i picked it up without looking at the name
“Hello..!! This is inspector …we found this phone near the accident area..As the last dialed number was yours so we called you up..The person is admitted in City Hospital “.
The ground beneath me shook…
No..! It can’t be him… he had promised me to be there with me…and today when i had come to know that he loved me he couldn’t break his promise
Ohh God why..?
Why do you have to be so cruel..

I quickly rush upto City Hospital..
“Wo accident patient kahan hai “?? I enquire at the reception..
“Aage jakar right wala kamra madam” she says..
Taking each step towards the room i kept praying that he should be alright..
“Doctor how is he..??” I asked the doc as soon as i saw him come out of the room..
“Ji aap??” He enquired..
“Main ..?”
Mai kaun hun…??
“Aap unki wife hai kya..?” He enquired further..
” Wife..?? “Huh..?
” Nai..sir” i said
“Behen.?” He asked raising his brow questioningly..
No ofcourse not..! I was certainly not his sister…
” Fir kon hain aap?? ” He asked irritatedly
“Humrahi” i reply instantly
“Huh??” He seems confused

But after a lot of persuasion he tells me that he has suffered injuries in the head and if he dsnt come in his senses in a few hours then it will be difficult to save him..
“Can i meet him..??” I ask
“Jee thik hai …par sirf kuch der .Nurse inko andar le jaiye” he answers to my surprise…
The nurse takes me in and the first thing i do is hold his hand…
No current passed..
Yea i am damn sure…no current passed..
I go to the other side of the bed and try holding his other hand..
No current again…
I keep doing that various times going side to side
The nurse looks at me questioningly ..
This is not him..he is not my man..not my nightmare guy..who is someone elses now
I try to look for something familiar on his body to comform my doubt…
But in vain..

Suddenly I find myself asking the nurse whether they found something at the accident spot..
She hands me over a wallet… I frantically search it and find a driver’s license..
I scan the details and jump in joy …
He is not my nightmare guy… He is somebody else…
“Madam aram se yeh hospital hain” the nurse says…
As i was feeling anger … pain … happiness …sadness at the same time…i decided to go the river side to calm my nerves..
Angry with him for disappearing …pain from the sepration…happiness that the man from the hospital was not him…and sadness as i hadn’t found him yet…
I sat under my favourite tree drowned in memories of him…of us …
I walk upto our bridge and settle myself on it…

Is this the end of their story..?

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice episode… Thanks for not making any accident drama and all….waiting for next one…

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  3. No way,it’s not. No words. Happiness sorrow pain regret joy all emotions in 1 moment can’t express

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      Thanks shiksha

  4. Uff…no accident..thank god….nxt part plzz

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      Thanks divyarani

  5. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one… aww don’t end this …

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      Thanks sree deeksha

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