Humrahi ( segment 47 )

Few days later-
It had been late and as usual he had not returned home and i was pacing the length of my room..
I tried his number but it went unanswered..i must have left like 100 of miscalls…
Where was he??
All sorts of weird idea kept creeping up in my mind??
Was he alright??
Why had he suddenly decided not to take up my calls??
I finally decided to go to office and check…he usually left by 7 and was home by 8 but it was 12 and there was no sign of him
I reachd office and was gretted by the watchman..he recognised me from our last encounter and immidiately ran up to me..
“Sahab 7 bje hi nikal gaye the aaj” he said
Toh abh tak aye kyun nai?? I thought…
I decided to go and check at that old godown…but he wasn’t there also..
I spotted a guard and recognised him from the other day…..he turned pale as soon as he saw me and started walking in the opposite direction.. i chuckeled..
I ran up behind him..apologised to him and headed homewards
I reached home thinking that he might reached by now…but he hadn’t …i decided to wait in the living area till his return…
I was woken up by Kaka who was carresing my hair lovingly…
“Wo aa gaya kya ??” I asked ..
“Nai beta but Vakil sahab aaye hai tumse milne..” he said..
Lawyer uncle iss wat..? It was around 3 in the morning….
I washed my face and came to porche where Lawyer Uncle handed me an envalope and said something like “yeh tumhare liye” and drove off…
My hands shivered with the unknown envalope in my hand ..somehow i gathered courage and tore it open…
It contained a letter and few photographs…
The letter was adressed to me but from whom??
Then i flipped the envalope and saw the name on the overleaf…it was from jiju..
His brother…
I began reading the letter..
Dear Bhabhi-
Yea i guess i can call you that and there was a wink smiley beside it … i smiled at his gesture and continued reading…
Mera Bhai pata nai kabhi tumse keh payega ya nai pata nai par sach toh yeh hain ki wo tumse bahut pyar karta..
He loved me ..

I was on cloud nine.. i felt like dancing …yipee woohoo… but somehow i controlled my emotions and continued reading…
Maa k jaane k baad Dadu ne usse bilkul maa ki tarah sambhala tha..par jab hum naye ghar mai shift hue Dadu se dur… tabh maine usse ek unknown shell mein retreat hote hue dekha …
But uss rat jabh usne mujhe tumhare bare mai bataya tabh uske chehre par ek nayi si chamak thi jo maine kabhi pehle nai dekhi thi..
Uss din wo puri rat tumhare barein main batein karta raha bina ruke…
I blushed .. and continued reading …
Aurr subh sabse pehle tumse milne chala gya… parr jab tum nahi aayi tabh uska dil tuth gaya…
Apne aap ko blame karne laga … Roz Roz iss bath ko sochta k uss kya galti hui thi jo tumne itni badi saza di…
Phir jab tum Shadi mai aayi…tabh uski ankhon main maine wo hope fir se jaagte hue dekhi …
Main tumhe janta nai tha .. par uss din uss dance k baad mujhe yakin ho gya k uski angel tum hi ho..
“Uski angel”…i smiled at the though…
Par uss subah jab tum phir se usse chod kar chali gyi tabh wo bardash nai kar paya…he slipped into partial depression…
Even though wo samne kuch nai bolta par adar bahut dard chupa rakha hain usne…aur yeh bath mere zada kon samaj sakta hai …after its part of our bro bond..
Tabh uske best friend ne usko himmat di..usko sambhala…
Sabne usse kaha ki he should move on in life … but uska wishwas tha ki tum aaogi..
Ek din zarur wapas aaogi…!
Pata nai k tum tak yeh kabhi pahuchega ya nai…pata nai k tum usse pyar karogi ya nai…par tumhara yeh jann ne ka haqq hai k wo tumse kitna pyar karta hai..
I was in a daze…
It was nearly morning now…he hadn’t returned…i had go look for him…i had to tell him how much i love him…
Ohh God..!! I can’t wait now..
But then it struck me he had moved on…i was his past now..he was with someone else now..
But still i had to find him..worry was eating me up
I ran upto my dressed .. and headed down..
The door to his room was open..i walked in..
Okay..! I know trespassing is bad …but my curiosity took better of me..
As i entered the room..i was

Aisa kya dekh liya isne ki itni shocked ho gyi..?

This link is for shiksha..actually i had jumbled up on the names thing..i am sorry to have caused you trouble..

This link is for pari as she might find it difficult to search the othe segments..

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