Humrahi ( segment 46 )

His point of view-
I got up with a sudden jolt as i heard her scream…
My head ached due to lack of sleep…and instantly i regretted my decision of stairing at her while she was asleep…
Yea..! I actually did that…she looked so peaceful while she was asleep…just like my angel..and an unknown smile crept over my face thinking about her.
I looked over at her..she was looking everywhere in the room but at me…
“I am really sorry ..i should have been careful ..but kya karun tum ho hi itne hot” she blurted out in one go..
Huh ??
Did she just call me hot??
Her point of view-
What the hell is wrong with you..??
Kya bole ja rai ho..?? Look how embarassed he is…
“Okay m waiting down you come soon.”i told him and dashed out of the room..
As soon as we were seated in the car
” I am sorry for last night…i got a little carried away ” we both said together and then bursted out laughing…
“So friends..?” i asked and extended my hand towards him…
” Yea best friends ” he said and shook my hand…
“I am extremely sorry … i totally forgot about your girlfriend…i dont want to become kabab mai haddi ” i said
He only takes me as a friend..koi bath nai …mera pyar hum dono k liye kaafi hain..i thought and leaned back in the seat..
His point of view-
Kabab mai haddi?? But there was no freaking kabab..but abh mai isko kya samjhau …??
She asked for friendship ..its okay…atleast kuch toh samajhti hai muze…
Koi bath nai mera pyar kafi hain hum dono k liye ..i thought and started the car…
Soon we had reached home …
We told dadu and kaka everything..obviously except the raat wala part …
I wondered what they would think about us if i told them so..
Her point of view-
Back to pavilion..!
I plopped down on the bed in the room and headed for a shower…
Memories of yesterday kept flooding in and making me blush ..
Damn i loved this man … i wish i could tell him … but he was somebody else’s now
Even though i dint wanna have a shower and wash away his touch ..
but had to do so because of the summer season…
Ufff…!! I so hated this season …
If i switch off the fan i feel hot…and if i switch it on then i feel cold .. urrghhh i hate summers…
His point of view-
I laid down on the bed thinking about last night… rejoicing each and every moment again…
Damn …! I love her so much ..i so wish i could just tell her ..

Kya ho kya raha hai .?

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