Humrahi ( segment 44 )

Her point of view-
I had totally forgotten about this man when i had asked him to take me away..
His eyes were blood shot as usual..propably from drinking or from being tired..i dont know and neither did i care …
His blood shot eyes reminded me of the dreadful night and suddenly i was the little frightened kid again..
His point of view-
I had guessed on the engagement day that there was something wrong between them and today my doubts had been confirmed..
I saw her get scared of him…not the usual parent wala scared but this was something diffrent ..
I knew it was now or never…so i decided to take it my way ..i gripped her wrist and pushed her behind my back and looked at her ..
Her point of view-
I knew it in my heart that i was safe now… nobody will be able to harm me now that my hottie was here…
Just then i noticed how hot he looked even at this time of the night …pure hotness..
“Yha par yeh abh ek min bhi nai rahegi”he thundered at my dad..
I could sense that he was angry and that scared me ..
“Tum kuch nai jante…Jante toh aisa nai kehte” my dad replied cooly
Suddenly i felt my musceles dad was going to tell him everything..he would never wanna see my face again then….
He would hate me…just like people did…
“Jitna zaroorat hai utna janta hun…..aur jan ne ki zaroorat hogi toh wo muze bata degi…
Aap fikar na karein ” his reply took me by surprise …
The next minute he held my hand and we were heading out of the main door..
“Main tumhe chodunga nai” was what my dad said as soon as we exited the gate .
His point of view-
How dare he talk rubbish about her??
My anger was boiling every minute..i was about go and punch him in the face when i felt a tug at my arm..
She looked at me and shook her head..
I couldn’t disobey her so i dragged her to my car and slammesd the door shut..
Her point of view-
We had been driving since a long time thoughts kept playing and replaying the incident of the room…
Flash back-
After hehad finished kissing my neck and was leaning to kiss my lips .i pushed him away…he thought me to be shy and smiled naughtily..
As i proceeded to go out of the room..he back hugged me ..pulling me closer to his body …his body smelt of sweat and alcohol ..
Somebody called out for him..
“Aaj chod raha hu..kal tumhe apna bana kar rahunga jaan..tum dekhna ..”he said before leaving…
I shivered with the idea of what was coming my way..
His words kept echoing in my ears..
His point of view-
I had lookin at her since a long time now..she was calm at first the first then she started shivering and sweating profusely…
I placed a hand on her thigh and she shrugged it away…
Then she suddenly asked me to pull over …

Is she planning to go back .? Whats going through her mind..? Why did she want him to pull over..?

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