Humrahi ( segment 43 )

His point of view –
I broke down as soon as dadaji picked up the phone the other side…
He tried to sooth me but all his words went in vain…
“Kuch log kitne lucky hote hai na dadu jinko Jindagi bhar ka pyar ek min mai mil jata hai…
Aur kuch log mere tarah unlucky jinko Ek min ka pyar bhi nai milta jindagi bhar…”was all i could say before i cut the call..and burst out crying…
Her point of view-
He approached near me …i stood up from the bed…
He pinned me to the wall and dug his face in my neck …giving wet kisses all along.
I tried to protest but in vain …
He cupped my face and leaned for a kiss
“Humari shaadi nai hui hai abh tak ” i tried to reason with him..
“Haa toh ho jayegi…waise b i am practising for the finals..” he says with a wink..
Practising for the finals??
His words disgusted really does anyone say that to a girl…?? Specially when she is ur would be..
Ohh god..!
Is marriage to him only about s*x..??
Doesn’t he care about how i am ..??
Wether i am feeling the pre – marriage jitters or not ??
If i am nervous or not??
Most importantly wether i want him to touch me or not??

His point of view-
I tried watching tv…reading a book…playing games on my phone…in the past few hours but nothing helped..
Her memories kept flooding makin me restless…
Finally i couldn’t take it anymore so i decided to go and meet her..
As soon i reached there i got this sudden urge to see her at the very moment..
I enquired about her room and went towards it..
The door was open so i just walked in…i called out to her..she dint respond..
I tried again but again my call went unanswered…
When i was just about to go.. .. i heard some faint sound from the cupboard..
I opened it and saw my love scared…shivering like a dry leaf on a rainy night..
I engulfed her in my arms and she broke down ..
I let her cry for some time…and when she stopped i held her chin and made her look at me…

Her point of view-
” Please take me away !!” I said and broke down again in his arms..burrying my head further in his chesht..
“Mera Bachha..shhh…dnt cry…mai hun na ..maine kaha tha na hmesha tumare sath rahunga..sry jaan der ho gayi ..” he said and kissed my forhead..
I felt so relieved after hearing his words that a small smile crept on my lips…
Seeing me smile he smiled too…
Smiles are infectious you see…
“Jaldi aao main tumhara intezar kaara hun” he said and closed the door behind him..
His point of view-
I so knew it..something was wrong with her..i could feel it…
Immidiately i got my answer to that nights question…
The other night …she was was upset about something and thus had come to the river side …
Her being upset had made me restless and thus i had ended up there like how i had today..without my knowledge …
I saw her come out of the room with many bags ..
Trust me when i say many bags because i had tried counting as soon as she showed up but later lost track and gave up ..
Girls i tell you ..!
I took her hand in mine and together we headed towards my car…
Only to be stopped by her dad..


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