Humrahi ( segment 42 )

His point of view –
Ever since i have dropped her i feel restless..
Everytime she leaves she takes a part of me with her…
I think next time or if there is a next time i dont know … but i hope there is anext time… cz she herself gave me the hope ..
“Kismat ne chaha toh hum zarur milenge” she said
Kismat ka aur mera toh chattis ka akada hai..

Her point of view –
My fiance took me to his room and hugged me tight muttering i missed you baby in my hair…
It felt weird…i tried to push him away ..but to my surprise he himself parted looked at me and said “Baby i think you are tired you should take rest…”
I sat on my bed thinking about the changes in my life…from a happy life with mom and my nightmare guy..
To meeting him again at the wedding …our dance…his confession….and soon i drifted off to sleep…
Next day was Mehendi … i was desperate to see him once more… so i called him and asked him to come to the function with his girlfriend..
Somehow somewhere it pains me to see him with her ..but when he is happy..i am happy..its good he is moved on in his life…he deserves love…happines…even if it all lies away from me…
I know he will never be able to stay happy with me
But still..
I was.. i am..and will always be his
His point of view –
She asked me to come to her mehendi function with my girlfriend..
.which girlfriend??
I was … i am … and i will be completely hers ..
But she wants me to have to go..after all i cant refuse my love..
So i dressed …of course i had to … or else how could i supress the tear marks and various other pain that i had given myself yesterday night …
I got in my car … and headed to the venue ..
Her point of view –
I asked beautician to put on extra make up so that i could hide my swollen eyes…after all i had cried the whole day…
I somehow gathered courage and came down to the hall where the function was going to be held
He was already present..looking hot as usual…my hottie…
As soon i saw him a smile crept on my lips…yea he had that magic in his presence i couldn’t stop smiling whenever i saw him…
He was wearing a light green shirt with black jeans and black blazer … i couldn’t help but stare …
Then i saw his arm was around a girl..i remebered that girl from the garden incident…urrggghhh…
Cant she stay away from him?? Ita chipakne ki kya zarurat hai??
His point of view –
I saw her descending the steps..
She looked heavenly in her emerald and gold colour lehenga..she wore matching earings which danced side to side when she moved her head…
Angel …yea thats what she looked like…
My angel…

Her fiance walked upto her and asked for a dance..she glanced at me and gave her hand as if asking me for permission…
Soon as they came on the dance floor other couples too came and i was dragged by my best friend..
Everybody started to dance but our eyes were glued to each other…
Kahin To.. Kahin To
Hogi Wo,Duniya Jahan Tu Mere Saath Hai..
Jahan Mein, Jahan Tu,
Aur Jahan, Bass Tere Mere Jazbaat Hai,
Both of ur remembering the morning in our room at bhai wedding..
Hogi Jahan Subah Teri,Palko Ki, Kirano Mein
Our night at the river side…
,Lori Jahan Chand Ki,Sune Teri Baahoin Mein.
.Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai
,Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi
,Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse,Itni Khafa Nahi.
.Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai,
Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi,
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse,Itni Khafa Nahi..
Her point of view –
Soon before i realised we were exchanging partners and i landed up with him…
He smiled at me …

that smile had the power to take anybody’s breath away…
And i blushed still not breaking the eye lock..
Saasein Kho Gayi Hai Kiski Aahon Mein,
Mein Kho Gayi Hu Jaane Kiski Baahon Mein,
Manzilon Se Raahein Doodhti Chali,
Kho Gayi Hai Manzil Kahin Rahon Mein..
Kahin To,
We remembered our current wala meet
Kahin To,Hai Nasha..Teri Meri Har Mulaqaat Mein
,Hoton Se, Hoton Ko,Chumti, O Rehte Hai Hum Har Baat Pe,
Kehti Hai Fiza Jahan,Teri Zamin Aasmaan..
Jahan Hai Tu, Meri Hassi,Meri Khushi, Meri Jaan…
His point of view –
It was time for her to go as it was again time to exchange the partners …so i swirled her and she went back to her fiance …
Still not breaking the eye lock..
Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai,
Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi
,Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse,Itni Khafa Nahi..
Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai,
Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi,
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse,Itni Khafa Nahi..
Jaane Naa Kahan Wo Duniya Hai
,Jaane Naa Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi
,Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse,Itni Khafa Nahi..
The song ended and we broke the eyelock..
I coudn’t bear it anymore so i grabbed the car keys and headed to the hotel ..
I decided to head home first thing in the morning..
I was all alone in the room as my best friend went back the same day…
Frustration…anger …restlesness..self pity …sadness..kept eating me slowly… was when i decided to call Dadu..

Her point of view-
I saw him leaving the hall with tears running down his face…
His pain was unbearable…but i was helpless…i went upto my room ..changed into my pyjamas and curled on my bed trying to gather courage to face the world tomorrow..
It was around midnight when my fiance barged into my room..

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