Humrahi ( segment 40 )

Her point of view-
I was pacing around my was nearly midnight and he wasn’t home yet…
I headed towards the kitchen to ask kaka about him…
This was my 3rd trip in last half an hour ..yep that’s how tensed I was…
Kaka kept reassuring me that he would come soon..maybe he is at a dinner party with the clients ….
Its 12:30 now and I can’t take it anymore..I grab my car keys and head towards office..
I am greeted by the Watchman and he salutes me…I ask him about him..
He looks at me as if I am asking for his kidneys…
Anger boiling inside me..and soon I find myself grabbing his collar and raising my voice…
I have never been rude to someone and i myself am surprised at my sudden outburst..
He finally gives me a address and I find myself heading towards the place..
Its 1 in the night…the streets are deserted …I reach the place in no time … I wonder what this place is …
It looks like a rustic broken down godown..the one which has been abandoned for a long time ..
“I think its the wrong address” I say and curse the damn watchman for misleading me…
. I turn my back and start to head outwards when I hear people chanting his name ..
I go further inside and see him fighting with a guy double his size…
He was beating him black and blue with all his might…people cheered for him and he keeps hitting that man…
He is shirt less…just in the jeans that he wore this morning…
Sweat trickles from his shoulders making all the way to his navel…
His chest rises and falls in pace with his breathing…
Then my eyes land on his abs and I find myself staring at him …
Ohhh Myy Goddd..! This guy is so damn hot !!
He then suddenly turns his back towards to his opponent who is almost on the ground by now…
The crowd errupts in loud cheers …I hear girls all around me screaming out to him like crazy…
Suddenly his eyes land on me and we have an eye lock..and the next moment he is on the ground wincing in pain…
I quickly rush towards him where he is lying ….I am stopped by the guards at the gate who try to pull me away…
I give him a blow on the u know what with my elbow and rush to him…
I try to wake him up but all in vain..he is already fainted…
Somehow I manage to pick him up…he is quite heavy with all those musceles and all …
I make him lie on the back seat of the car and drive home..
Glancing back every few minutes to check on him…
Finally when we reach home … I take him up to the nearest room I find and make him lie on the bed…
I dress his wounds and sprinkle some water on him to make him conscious…
Once he is a little conscious I give him a pain killer and sit down beside him on the stool..
Our hands interwined…worry clear on my face..occasionaly I would glance over at him to check whether he is alright..
I don’t realize when but I doze off beside him.
Our hands still intertwined..
His point of view –
I can sense pain all over my body as I try to get up..
I can also feel something soft beneath me..its a bed..but my bed isn’t soft..
I try to look around and find pictures of Bhai and Bhabhi
why am I in Bhai’s room ??
I glance towards my left and I see my beautiful Angel sleeping beside me holding my hand …
I try to recall how I landed up here … But I couldnt connect the dots…
Flashback –
The inner pain was too much so I decided to go to my usual place to vent it out..
Yea I have been fighting street fights since a long time now …
The physical pain keeps me distracted from the inner pain I feel..
From the pain of loneliness…betrayal..pain of not being loved back…
I was winning the fight from that big guy…what was his name?? Uggghhh Neva mind !!
The crowd was cheering for me and then I spotted her…first I thought her to be imagination …but I was wrong it was really her because I remember seeing those big big black eyes..those were mirror to her soul…but now they had a shield on them …
Then it struck me…she might have brought me back … Why was she doing this ??
Why was she making me vulnerable ??
She wanted me to move on and yet she didn’t let me go?? Was I some kind of a toy ?? I was angry now..!!
Her point of view –
I felt him stirring ..thank god he was fine now ..
He looked weak after the rough night…
but then he jerked his hand off from my grip and stood up and began shouting ..
“What the hell is wrong with you ??
What are you doing here ??
One minute u ask me to move on and the next moment …
Why are you here ?? Just to see whether you still have my balls in your hand ??
Huh ?? Get out of here ”
He spat without giving me a single chance to explain… I silently left to my room and broke down…
Beech bhawar mein daale na
Aar rahi na paar gayi
Kuch ishq ki mauje le doobi
Kuch hijr ki andhi mar gayi
Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera
Ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho
His point of view-
I just realised what i said and regretted the next moment..but what can i do the pain had to come out someday…
Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera
Ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho
Ik pal yeh lage apne ho tum
Ik pal yeh lage begane ho
Dil na ya paheli bujh saka
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Her point of view –
I ran to my room and broke down..
I dint realise when i fell asleep but when i woke up i was on the bed with Hot coffee on my bed side…
Bin bole joh tum kehte ho
Bin bole hi woh sunlun main
Bharle tumko in ankhon mein
Kuch khwaab naye se bunn lun main
His point of view –
I decided to take a shower to distract myself from all the pain…i went into the washroom and looked at the mirror above the sink ..
Washing my face again and again maybe punishing the mouth that had said those words to her…
Na apna ap dikhaayi deJab dekhoon khudko darpan me
Yeh main hun ya phir tum hi ho
Mann uljha hai is uljhan mein
Mujhe apne rang me rang liya
Tum kaun piya.. Tum kaun piya
Yeh bhed tumhi ab kholo zara
Tum kaun piya.. Tum kaun piya
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Her point of view –
I got down from my bed and headed towards the kitchen to make lunch as it was already late and he needed to have his medicines…
Dil se jude hai ye dil apne
Kehne ko koi rishta hi nahi
Iss paakeeza se bandhan ko
Duniya me koi samjha hi nahi
His point of view –
I saw her cutting vegetables in the kitchen…probably making lunch..
.suddenly she winced in pain..she had cut her finger .
..idiot girl can neva take care of hereself…
I rush to her and suck her bleeding finger…
Jab ghav lage koi tumko
Toh dard yahan bhi hota hai
Jab namm ho tumhari yeh ankhein
Toh dil ye mera bhi rota hai
Her point of view –
He came and started sucking my bleeding finger…
His words from the morning echoed in my ears and i asked him to leave me alone and he did so without any arguments…
Tumne bhi magar ye puch liya
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Yeh bhed tum hi ab kholo zara
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Tum kon piya…Tum kon piya

P.S There are some relations in our life that do not have names but those relations are close to our heart..
We often forget to cherish them in our quest for finding out the name behind those relations..
I request you to sometimes leave things with time some or the other day we will understand these unnamed relation..
Cherish them till then ..!!

Cheetmrs to those relations..!


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