Humrahi (segment 4 )


thoughts of his wish kept disturbing me and I landed up sitting on the river side .. thinking how the place always had the beauty to calm me down whenever I was upset or disturbed..
the place had an amazing aura with a waterfall flowin from one side and it merging into the river..the beautiful coloured birds chirping and the cover of green trees that covered almost all of the scorching sun acting as a shelter on my head … which I needed the most at the time..sitting there I remembered the day when I had actually found that place ..
flash back .–
that day was also i was very disturbed after my father had left my mother abruptly one afternoon and never came back…i was in shock .. without any reaction .. i had just left the house and went for a long walk a very long one . that had resulted in me reaching to this beautiful spot
flash back ends–
and since that day i came regularly here whenever i was angry confused or upset …suddenly i heard some noise from behind me and was shocked to see the guy from the dream standing there behind her .  he was equally shocked too as he expexted it to be a lonely place  and was disappointed to see a crying girl…
I realized that he was exactly the same the guy i had seen in the dream…he was wearing a black shirt which showed off his good gyming days chest (at least thats wad I thought it to be )and a perfectly fitted blue jeans .. his hair was a mess that made him look cute and hot at the same time…I was drooling over him wen he suddenly he muttered a weak hi
his point of view —
hi in a squeaking voice was all that I could say…from the past few minutes or like how much time  I don’t know I was jus staring at her.. those eyes that were full of pain … that slender slim body that made me crave to hold it in my arms.. her long silky hair were again and again disturbing my view… I so wanted to put the disturbance away…. but somehow I  controlled those weird emotions and then realised that her cheeks were tear stained

..  I quickly collected myself…I wanted to ask her the reason of her pain that was causing a weird feeling in my heart..something like pain 
…something that I had never experienced before.. … I wanted to ask about it..wanted to ask her many questions but ended up saying only a Hi..
she smiled and muttered a hello to me.. I asked wether I could sit beside her and she agreed extending her hand to help me over to the rock..
her point of view –
I cudnt believe my ears wen he said that he wanted to sit beside me.. I simply extended my hand .. I don’t know y I did that but I guess smething from within me made me do it..
we just sat there quitely enjoying each other’s company just then my phone rang .. it was mom ..  ever since dad had left she became too paranoid about me and panicked too soon..  I bid him good bye and headed home..
on my way I remembered that I had forgotten to ask him name or number but soon the thought vanished away seeing the traffic on the road…yea I stay in like some metro..too much traffic
I reached home only to reacieve a call from my so called boyfriend friend …he said that my boyfriend was sorry and that he will not repeat it again and that he had not taken his dinner…
reluctantly I dialed his number only to hear a caller tune of my favourite song being played… this guy seriously knew how to melt my heart ..I smiled and spoke to him..
he apologised for his mistake and said that he will never repeat it again .. and that he loved me… I accepted his apology and told him good night and kept the phone..
I had my dinner and started writing my diary ( did I mention that I have a habbit of writing the diary everyday.. well … I guess I just did.. )
dear diary –
I can’t believe what I saw today I saw him the nightmare guy …oh God why do I need to call him the night mare guy… he was the only thing in the whole dream that was good .. only good… noo it was best… she closes the diary and sleeps with a smile on her face..


Credit to: Stoneheart

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