Humrahi ( segment 39 )

His point of view-
We reached our house… I introduced her to kaka and dadu and she touches their feet… Instantly I feel proud of my love..
but then reality strikes me she belongs to someone else now..
“meri amanat apke hawale karre hai ..dhyan rakhiye ga”. Her fiance words ring in my ear…
I quickly go up to my room and call my best friend…Yea… I need her know ..She is the only person who will be able to help me now…
Her point of view –
Kaka shows me my room and I began unpacking ..
But there in no place in the cupboard to keep my clothes… I check the drawers they are full too..I call out to kaka and ask him about the clothes ..his answer surprises me …
“Beti yeh Baba ki shopping hai.. Baba kehte hain ki wo ek din zarur ayegi..
Isliye wo jab bhi apne liye kuch late hai so uss k liye bhi le aate hai…
Umid karta hun beti ki baba ki khwaish puri ho Jaye ”
With that he begins to empty the cupboards..
“Rukiye kaka..mei sambhal lungi ” is all I manage to say without crying .
As soon as he leaves I break down on the floor …
His point of view –
My best friend comes home the instant I call her…she comes directly to my room..
The pain I have been holding in my heart comes out naturally in front of her …
“Bhai..sab thik ho jaega”…She tries to reassure me…
but all I can think about is her fiance words..
Then suddenly an idea strikes me..she wants me to move on and I explain my plan to her…..
Okay ..I can do so for her… After all pyar kia hai humne …naa kaise kar sakte hain unhe..
Yea I know I sound a bit cheesy but kya karoon when it comes to her my mind goes blank and all this rubbish comes out..
Uff..!! I wonder how will I stay with her under one roof..
She will make me insane …
Completely insane…
Her point of view-
How dare she?? I find myself mutterin as soon as I enter the garden in the morning..
He is sitting with a girl in the lawn and reading the newspaper…okay making her read the newspaper as if she is a kid…!
She is actually sitting between his legs ..
His legs are wide apart …her back is towards his chest and both are engrossed in the stupid newspaper ..
I slowly make myself comfortable on the bench and pour out a cup of tea..
They are still engrossed in the newspaper.what is so damn fascinating in the business section …??
His point of view –
Uufff…!! She is a beauty… Subah subah bhi Kitti pretty lagti hai…
Last night my best friend and me decided that even though I can never actually move on from her.. Okay it was not that I can’t ..its I just don’t want to…because everthing about her seems so perfect … And I don’t want the daze to be broken …ever…
So we decided that for her happiness we will enact as we have moved on…
Its her wish …and her wish is my command..

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