Humrahi ( segment 38 )

her point of view –
The man was looking at me with a smirk…
“U will regret this” his words still echoed in my head..It was unbelievable could a father do that ??

Flashback –
I still remember the day mom had died i had called up the police station to complain about him.
.While Police had dragged him out of the house .. i felt relieved … I thought of starting afresh and was really happy to go to my best friends wedding in my home town..
I saw him back at the wedding…It was his brothers wedding … That night..below the his arms ..everything was so perfect..
But ,a phone call had changed everything..He had run away from the jail..bribing the officer ..getting immune from the charges

i was brought back to reality by my fiance words..he was trying to feed me some starter..i was so lost in my thoughts that i couldnt make out what it was…
But suddenly I began to cough..and before anybody else my nightmare guy came with a glass of water…
his point of view –
She began coughing as if something was stuck in her throat..i expected her fiance to do something ..atleast pat her back or get her some water…but he dint budge..
so i ran over to a waiter and grabbed a glass a water and offered it to her..
She took the water from my hand and gulped it down in a go…and gave me nervous smile
“Apne to humari jaan ki jaan bacha li” her fiance said..
Jaan my foot..! he dint even try to help her..I was about to say something..but was cut by her…she said thanks and got down from my the stage..
i followed suit..

She went out of the hall to grab some fresh air..She looked over at the sky and trust me when i say i saw a lone tear pass from the corner of her eye..
i went to her and kept a hand on her shoulder…
her point of view –
I couldn’t take it… everytime he comes close to me my heart does a summer sault in my body..i just feel like hugging him and running away with him..i wish i could do that …then again life is not been fair for me…
I headed to the garden for some fresh ..but basically i wanted distraction…i looked towards the sky… mom always said that when people die they become stars so whenever i am upset i try searching for mom among the stars..
I miss her!!
Just then i felt a tap on my shoulder..its him…I put a straight face and ask him to leave me go back home..
Just then he says he can’t go without me..
Huh .?
Why is he making things difficult than they already are..
his point of view-
She is asking me to go away?? Is it so easy for her?? Cant she see my pain??
Can’t she feel it??
The next moment i do something unexpected I take her hands in mine and tell her about bhai ..about the will..about the condition ..she looks shocked..just like how i was…when I read it .
I can’t control my emotions anymore so i break down and fall on the ground..
But the next moment she is down beside me..wiping my tears..hugging me tight…just like she did back on the river side..
But then my dream is broken by her fiance who has come to look for her ..
“Bro are you alright?? ” he asked..
“Yea..i guess i am” i say looking at her…
Just then i see the man back again..She addresses him as dad…
ooh…he is her father…! I need to talk to tell him the matter I proceed towards him… But she stops me…

“Dad.. I need to go with him “… She says to my surprise…
he turns and looks at her amused and raises his eyebrows questioningly..
she explains everything to him .. He obviously disagrees. ..
.but…then her fiance did something for which I maybe I would have given him a hug if he wasn’t stealing my love away from me…ooh… I so hate him.. he agreed…
I glance towards her…she is just expressionless…staring blankly at the distance between her father and her fiance…
Her point of view –
Why ?? I curse my life like for the millionth time that day and head towards my room to grab my stuff as he awaits for me in his car…
Life and its jokes !!
I am sick and tired of all this..
“meri amanat apke hawale karre hai ..dhyan rakhiye ga”… Says my fiance ..and I see him flinch …
just like the last time ..I put my stuff in the back seat of his car and hop in and we begin the journey towards a new beginning or a new end I really don’t know…


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