Humrahi ( segment 36 )


I met her best friend at the fruit vendor and she recognised me instantly like we have been friends for long…she hopped on the car and soon we were speeding to her house…
This looked nothing like her old house..beautiful and simple rather it looked like a big mansion..and a sudden feeling on disgust seeped into my heart..I had never been to this place but suddenly I hated this place ..I hated myself for being here…
But I had come to get her and I couldn’t leave without her .
Soon I entered inside ..I guess a party was going on…my eyes longed to see her..and then as everyone turned to the look at the top of the stairs I did too…
She was standing there looking all beautiful in a blue left open and pinned to the side framing her face.. She slowly descended the steps … and I felt my feet walking towards to her …
but then I stopped in mid way as someone came and encircled his hands around her waist..I saw her flinch at his touch but he only tightened his grip around her and led her to the stage..

Now people had gathered around the stage and we’re looking at them with expectation ..and then it dawned me ..that it was her engagement..I closed my eyes and then opened them again .. only to be meeting her gaze..
She looked me and looked elsewhere and then back at if trying to erase my memory from her head…
I couldn’t help but smile at her tantics..
her point of view –
Was it him..? No it can’t be … What will he do here .? He toh propbaly dosent wanna see my face again..He might be hating me at this minute..
The thought of him hating me shook alwaya I tried to look elsewhere to compose myself ..but when i looked back
He was still there..This can’t be my imagination .. But what is he doing here??
and above all why is he looking at me??
Doesn’t he know his gaze makes me go weak in the knees..”oh God..please help me..!”
His point of view –
I had to talk to her…I cant let this happen…so I walked up to her..As soon as she saw me aproaching she turned the other way and walked away.
what was this ?? Is she happy with this engagement?? Why is behaving like this.?
If she is happy then I will let her move on with her life and not be a barrier for her happiness..even if it means burning in lonliness for my entire life . I loved her too much to hurt her..

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  1. Lucky

    nice!!! plzzz don’t separate them anymore plzzzz

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      thank u lucky

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    Waiting for next episode…. please don’t separate them

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  3. is getting interesting day by day..

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      aww thanks kumu

  4. As always lovely please Update a bit longer 🙂

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  5. Alishatani

    Plzz don’t separate them they are meant to be together.. Waiting for next update..

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