Humrahi ( segment 35 )


Bhai wanted me to have a girl as co-trustee ..but why ?? and the most important thing was who was this girl..?
I walked up to Lawyer Uncle and took the will in my hands and began reading ..
” I hereby bequeath my whole estate to my brother and my wife’s Best Friend as trust property and my grandfather being the beneficiary..”it read..
So all this while Bhai knew about her ?? He knew that it was her ?? How could he..?
I continued reading “After my said Grandfather the property shall vest in my brother and my wife’s best friend equally..”
What ??? I hadn’t seen her for years together .. I dint know where she was..after her departure from the river side I had no idea how she was..propably married off by now … just the thought of her with some other man made me cringe..she was mine and i could stand no one close to her..
I had finally found the answer to my questions .”.. Yes I did love her ” and this time I will make sure that she stays with me..
I quickly turned the pages and saw her address .. and with a determined face i said ” I never refused Bhai how can I refuse his last wish… I will get her ..and will complete his wish…”
I asked kaka to pack Dadu stuff and headed out to get some fresh air ..

It has been over 2 hours i was driving now..I can’t seem to find her address.. I asked a few people but no one knew the place .. this time even Google dint have the answer to my question…
my irritation was increasing every minute..Just then I stopped at a nearby fruit vendor to ask the way …
That was the place I met her…

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  1. nice & awesm

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  2. Now it is more interesting….awsm episode

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  3. They say last wishes are sacred..but truly its just a ray of love our loved one leaves when he knows that we can’t live without him.. So we will live to fulfill that wish…and slowly.. That wish will change our life..without our knowledge..
    By Ur TU buddy..
    HOPE with love

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    Nice one…

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