Humrahi ( segment 33 )

his point of view –
it’s been 4 days for Bhai death .. he also left me..Wow…Great…Wonderful ..Fantastic ..I am all alone now . I don’t understand the point of living in this world any more..first dad left…then she Bhai..don’t I deserve love ??
a little somewhere maybe ? and a tear rolls down my cheek… I let it pass ..I need to vent out the pain I have been holding inside me for so long ..
I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked around and saw her .. she looked the same beautiful..her smile brightening my day…and then I felt someone shaking me vigorously …i was broken from my trance..I saw the air hostess offering me a glass of water ..I looked at her surprised….thanks was all I could say to her…
then it dawned me where i was.. and what i was doing…. I was heading to my hometown in a flight to complete bhai and bhabhi last rituals…
I was going home…I was going to the place where I grew up ..
The flight landed and I began to move towards the exit..Kaka was waiting for me at the arrival section..he recognised me instantly..we got in a car and soon were heading to our old house..
Damn..! I missed this place .. We had moved to our current house after mom had dad couldn’t bear the sepration and he wanted to start fresh..
Dadu stayed all alone here ..he never wished to leave the place where he had spent his entire life time.. I dint want it either..I loved this place.
I loved this sleepy town .. I loved the way how family was still more important than money here…how talking to your neighbour was more important than competing with them…
we had reached dadu’s house ..
he was sitting in his big armchair in the center of the hall giving out orders as usual…
as soon as he saw me a smile crept on his face and somehow seeing him smile .
I smiled too.. maybe after months…years …I don’t know how long…
I had missed dadu like hell..I was seeing him after years together..he was not able to come to bhai’s wedding as he was unwell.
we completed the last rituals for Bhai and bhabhi..all this while me and dadu being each other’s support…
me and my dadu share a great bond..he was always there for me after mom had abruptly left us one day …
I remember he used to dress up like mom only cause I could sleep properly as I was habitual to holding mom’s saree and sleeping …
he feeding me food with his own hands … staying up late taking care of me when ever I got sick…
he was my mom even though he dint give me birth ..but he was someone who brought me up like a mother….he even persuaded me to go on with dad when Dad wanted to shift to a new place saying that he needed our support ..
I dint want to leave dadu alone but couldnt at the same time seprate him from the place where he had spent his life.. so I had no option but to agree and head with Bhai and dad…
my thoughts were broken by dadu ..he was someone who knew me better than I knew myself..
he came to me and asked me the reason of my misery and I broke down in his arms ..he soothed me like he had done after mom”s departure..
I was lying down on the bed with my head resting on his lap..he caressing my hair like he used to do when I was small…He said “love is not achieving the person you yearn for ..but it is letting that person go to where their happiness lies..”he said…
I told him about her ..starting from meeting her at the river side…to meeting her again at Bhai wedding ..the promise I had made to her.. me saving her from the beast..hurting her…I still felt bat about it..and the memories still hauted me..also about her departure without informing me..
Fresh set of tears came in my eyes remembering how heartlessly she had left and I began to cry like a child ..
dadu’s just asked me one question and that question changed the way I looked at things … he asked whether i still loved her after all this..?…..I was blank…he just got up and went out of the room ..leaving me alone in the room thinking…
Did I still love her ??

P.S I am extremely sorry i jumbled up yesterday while posting..this new version of the site trolled me..and i ended up posting HUMRAHI SEGMENT 33 AS STONEHEART

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  1. Stoneheart

    ohh my god..!! i am so stupid … yeh wala segment 34 hai aur kal wala 33 tha..
    m screwed

  2. Aahna


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      thanks aahna..

  3. Yaar you are giving me goosebumps you know . its so good i never thought of reading a story which don’t have characters name because it is complicated but i am happy that i did read this and now i am fan of it. i have never read something like this from anyone else (Except Azura her writing style also made me crazy fan of hers but now she don’t write Swasan anymore and i can’t bear Ragsan at all). I love your Ff so much now days I keep waiting for your story its so good. This is one of biggest comments I wrote 😛 i could write this much only :(.

    1. Stoneheart

      thank u so much ria… m so happy today…u really made my day..i am glad u like it…and will try my level best to come up to your expectations

  4. Sree_deeksha

    Good one …. don’t separate them please…..

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks a lot sree deeksha..

  5. nyc chappy..:)

    1. Stoneheart

      thankz kumu

  6. What yaar…again leap…when sanskaar got to know da bitter truth of his swara so dat he could resue her frm hell dat she’s suffering…plzzz let him know yaar…feeling vryy bad bcoz he is thinking hr as a betrayar…which is not….

    1. Stoneheart

      have patience sweetheart

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