Humrahi ( segment 31 )


his point of view –
we were seated around a round table in the restaurant for dinner ..when i say ” we ” I mean Bhai bhabhi me and her …yea I also wish it was just us…but she had said that she will be coming after dinner …so here I am waiting for her…she is asking Bhai to feed bhabhi…huh..?? why is she becoming kabab main haddi..?
her point of view –
I caught him stating at me whenever I put my head up to talk to someone…oh god..! what is wrong with him…why is he behaving this way…he will surely get us in to divert his attention I started teasing jiju about feeding my friend and soon he joined in too …thank God..!
he got my cue.
“.no .!he said why should bhai feed first ?? havent you heard the saying about lady’s first ?? ”
this guy was in love with the word no…!! and specially dramatic noo..
gosh he is such a drama queen..! I guess another nickname
his point of view –
we began fighting about who will be the first one to feed ..”stop it “..Bhai and Bhabhi screamt as loudly as they could ..we froze…our fingers in mid air..our body facing each other…only our head turned towards them …they both were litteraly standing on the chair trying to draw our attention … they had failed…thus they had no recourse except for screaming at us ..and believe me it worked …
her point of view –
we took one last look at her and jiju and rushed to our room closing the door behind us and bursted out laughing..oh my my I can’t believe we just did that..
you are such a fighter cock” I told him like a 3 year old…
his point of view –
I was busy searching for her gift in my bag when she told that I was a fighter cock…what ?? she was the one who stared it and now I get the blame of being the fighter..
” kisi ne sach hi kaha hai ladki ko samjhna kisi k bass ki bath nai hai ”
I just handed her the gift and went downstairs asking her to open it only in my absence…
her point of view –
I closed the door behind him and sat on the bed to open the gift…it contained nothing fancy .. nothing pretty… but just a set of T-shirt and jeans similar to the one I had worn on our first meeting ..
wow..! he had remembered it till now..
.I quickly changed and soon we were speeding to the river side…
his point of view –
Everything was perfect … I had to confess my love for her today..I have put my past away and accept the present…she is here with me now … she is here to stay…I will make her stay…my love will ..
I had decorated the tree just like last time…memories of last proposal flood in..her despair …what if she leaves me again ..??
my thoughts were broken by her voice ..there was concern in her eyes and calmness in her can she look so calm and composed all the time ??
her point of view –
I was feeling uneasy .. he seemed upset at something and I don’t know why seeing him like that troubled me… soon I engulfed him in a warm hug.. I am sure that’s what he needs right now…or maybe that’s what I need right now…

Something something is cooking up…!

Credit to: Stoneheart

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