Humrahi ( segment 30 )

his point of view –
I saw her make a grand entry with bhabhi in an auto …she looked mesmerising in her long light pink evening gown that was slightly pinched at the waist showing off her perfect curves … the colour of the gown matched well with the blush on her face that kept coming up whenever somebody complemented her…her long hair were tied in a bun but her smile was the show stopper here ..Beautiful was the only word I could think of when I saw her walk up to me ….
her point of view –
As I walk up to him I can feel his gaze on me..oh God why does he keep staring at me always….
it’s so embarrassing and sad..
sad because then I can’t look at my hottie…..yup that’s the nickname I gave him just now..abh kya karun… humesha hot hi lgta hai ….
his point of view –
I saw her walk towards me and the past me murmuring something like pay back time … Huh..?? what did I do now ?? why was I suppose to pay back…??
The next moment she asked Bhai for a dance and he obliged …she was supposed to be dancing with me na?? then ?? and she led Bhai to the dance floor..uurrggghh…
her point of view –
I let out a low chuckle when I saw his reaction … he was glaring at his brother for agreeing to dance with me ..i held jiju hand and rested my other hand on his shoulder… his arms encircled my waist and we just swayed to the music or at least tried to do …completely out of sync
his point of view-
I saw Bhai enjoying the no Bhai is not a cheap person and all … he not hitting on her ..he is enjoying it because he can see Bhabhi red in anger ..then I caught bhabhi eye and she signalled me to join her on the dance floor and soon we both were dancing with her hand on my shoulders and my hands on her waist..
her point of view –
I walked up to him after and the dance and he walked away..huh..? was he angry ?? it was just a dance ..this can’t be the reason ….. he wasn’t imature..
I followed him to our room ..he was sitting there with his face burried in his palms ..I went up to him and knelt down before him.. he looked up at me …
his point of view –
our performance was next and I was shit scared …Dancing with bhabhi was okay..but with her..things were be honest I was shy.. ..I cannot do it I escaped the scenario and came to the shelter to our room..she followed suit.
.I watched her all the while .. she knelt down before me and cupped my face in her palms reading my eyes…
her point of view –
I know he was nervous about the dance ..and when I looked into his eyes it became clear…so I cupped his face and said… “we are going to be awesome ” and he smiled… “trust me..just take it as if we are dancing near the river side on our bridge..just like on ur birthday..”
his point of view –
she grabbed my hand and took me downstairs …everyone turned to look at us… bhabhi eyes sparkled .. she announced that we were going to enact a special performance dedicated Bhai..from her side…
Bhai walked up to her and hugged her..
her point of view –
he was still nervous about dancing in public with me…as soon as jiju hugged her .. I looked up at him ( remember he is tall ) ..he was still looking nervous .. so I took his hands in mine and took him to the dance floor..
placed his hand on my waist and my hand on his shoulder… I took his other hand in mine and squeezed it reassuaring him that we will be just fine..the music started ..and I closed my eyes..
.Koi jaage soye mujh mein
Meri raatein aur mere din
Saare khoye usmein
Koi itna apna laage
Mera nadaan yeh dil Jaise dhadke usmein
his point of view –
I looked at her … her eyes were closed ..probably she was scared too..I tightened the grip on her waist and squeezed her hand ..
Mujhe jo hua hai, iski na dawa hai Kisi ne chhua hai dil
Yeh kiski nazar ka hai asar Poochhe jo koi toh tera naam doon
Poochhe jo koi toh tera naam doon Main keh doon sabhi se
Yeh tera hi to hai asar
her point of view –
I felt his grip eyes shot open..he was looking at me with those big big eyes of his…
I suddenly began to feel shy in his gaze..i always do.. but today something was diffrent …so I rested my head on his shoulder..and held him by the side…
Koi dastak de ke dil pe
Milne ko aata hai Mujh mein reh jaata hai
Koi qismat jaisa laage Khushiyan inn haathon pe
Likhta hi jaata hai Yeh kaisi khata hai, jiski na saza hai
Kisi ne chhua hai dil,Yeh kiski dua ka hai asar
Poochhe jo koi to tera naam doon
his point of view –
her head is resting on my shoulder…I am caressing her back…I so wish that life stops on this moment … we are not dancing anymore..just swaying to the music slowly..
Zariwale kagazon mein lipta hua
Kitne haseen rangon se ranga hua Kya tohfa khuda neMujhe hai de diya…
Labon se raaz yeh phisal na jaaye yun
Pighalne laga hai, kiske liye mera sabar
Pooche jo koi to tera naam doon.
her point of view
we continue to sway to the music much longer after the song ended…..applause from the audience spoilt the moment and we looked at each other…
his brother walked up to us and thanked us for the performance but what he said next took me by surprise..
his point of view –
“I guess we are the couple getting married here”…bhai said with a wink… after he thanked us for the performance… I looked at her and she was cherry red … the blush that she had when we had entered was back on her face … a darker shade of red now…she excused herself and went to bhabhi ..
her point of view-
“woooowwwie !! u r guys totally rocked it” was what my friend said …while hugging me tight ..
suddenly he was by my side … asking me to come with him… we had to go to river side ..”remember the bet” he said and winked …oohh I had completely forgotten about it …
This is gonna be hell long night..! I thought …

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