Humrahi (segment 3 )


e squeeze n a peck on cheek..then held my hand and dragged me to class
..the lecture had already started..sir was teaching something abt history ..we reachd inside the class to only realise that we had forgotten our assignments at home..n sir wanted them today itself.
.v sat at the farthest corner of the class..busy in ourselves n nt paying attention to sir’s was then when he told me abt his dream..reminding me of my dream that again brought shivers down my spine… in a spur of the moment i dint realise and i held his hand tightly almost scaring him.. he kept his hand on my left thigh n his touch brought me back to the real world..only to realize that the lecture was over..
I somehow collected myself and went towards the washroom..  after i returned i saw my seat was already occupied by a friend of his and they were having an intense discussion about somethibg .
.. i picked my bag n shiftd to a seat in the adjacent row only to meet a frnd who was long lost .. yea i hadnt spoken to her fr a while n she wanted to give me a piece of her mind.. she startd by saying the famous lines “all guys are same” dont give bhav fr sme time n he will b back to u..
. it felt weird about gettng advice from her as she had never been in a relation of her own n wud advice ppl only on the basis of experience of others..she went on saying that guys need us more than we do so just chill babes.

.the word need struck a chord in my brain and again made me think about the dream and the confusion that i had felt in it..a question suddenly popped up in my mind.. did we really need each other r we were jus draggin it along because we had to and it would be uncool to break up for the most “happening couple”..
i kept on re thinkin my own thoughts and one more lecture came to an end..soon it was time for us to go home .. I waited in the parking to tell him that I had to go home early due to my classes.. he was engrossed in a deep conversation with his ex girlfriend probably flirting
.. maybe ..  I don’t know and I shoudnt make a comment before knowing the truth .. as thats wad good girlfriends did …as I was getting late so I jus got on my bike and drove off..
in the evening we met near his friends house as he wanted to compensate for the parking mistake…at least thats wad he called it… that day for the first time in my life I felt the words spoken by his eyes and his mouth were not the same
.. .he knew my weakness and he always used that as a weapon wheneva he wanted something … so this time again he did it.. he came close to me.. his left hand encircling my waist..holding me tight as i was his personal property .yea that’s wad he felt ..his right hand gently carresing my face .. his eyes poring deep into mine trying convince me that he is only mine and the chat in the parking was just a casual one with an old friend..
tu aaina hai mera…from luknowi ishq plays..

suddenly a strong wind blew my hair in my eyes… I tried to lift my hand and to remove the starnd .. wen suddenly he caught hold of my hand and kissed it  and slowly and steadily tucked my stray lock of hair behind my ears and whispered in my ears that I had made a promise to him that i will cmplete all his desires
..what they may be..starting from cooking for him n managing his finance but the words he spoke after them shook the ground beneath me..i cudnt do this..i am very sure i cudnt do this..he wanted me to kiss him..not a simple peck but a liplock..he had taken this idea from his best Frnd..he had seen his frnd n his gurl in an intense liplock and he wanted to carry that out with me..
i was irritated i pushed him away with all my might only to be realizing that now he was holding my shoulder with authority.. authority that may be i had given him knowingly or unknowingly .. he shook me hard and said that  he wanted me to be bold like his frnds be fast & forward like her.
.I stood there staring at him for a moment ..i cudnt believe it that he the same guy who had said that i was diffrent and thats wad he had likd abt me ..funny ..yea it all seemed funny nw ..i kept staring at him fr a min r two..he kept on bantering about his wish..i was actually surprised about his sudden change of thoughts so pushed him aside harder and went away from there in a huff


Credit to: Stoneheart

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