Humrahi ( segment 29 )


his point of view –
I saw her standing near the bridge all safe and sound and left the breath that I was holding since I don’t know how long .. she was sweating like anything ..I wondered y.
.I stopped beside her and she got inside the car hurriedly.. she removed scarf she was wearing on the back seat … folded her pants to make them three fourth and then finally came to the shirt..wad was she doing .??
already it’s difficult to concentrate on the road with her sitting beside me..and now she decides to do this…
her point of view –
“stop drooling” I said mimiking his voice .. and burst out laughing..he just looked at me awestruck..I guess there it is…
I have like all the points for this … m the winner now ..woo hoo..i do a little happy dance in my head…
soon we reached the hotel and it was time for us to get ready for the sangeet at night..
I took my bag and went to my friends room..
his point of view –
I checked myself one last time in the mirror … I was looking hot.. !!
Bhai was still struggling with his blazer .. and here I thought he old enough to get married… I helped him with his blazer and soon both of us went to the gym area where the “show girls ” were waiting for us..
they all came and greeted me … each one of them shaking my hand or hugging me.. one of them even kissed me…and then I saw her pass ..oops..m dead meat now..I hope she dint see me or I should say dint see me with them.
The sangeet party was a combination of bachelor party and sangeet ceremony …so the ideal location for it was the pool side of the hotel…
her point of view –
he was all happy hugging them na ..
.wait baby I will show u…u just wait and watch..
but what are they doing here …maybe here for another program ..its a hotel..cmon ….and I headed to the garden to see the other arrangements and when I returned I saw everyone gathered around something ..
amused I went near the crowd and was surprised to see the view
jiju was coming from the gymnasium to the pool side with like 15-20 show girls so this is the reason they were here…and then my eyes fell on him… he was wearing a baby pink colour shirt which complemented his fair skin … a navy blue suit.. with a red tie .. his hair was the same all ruffled up making him look hot…
Some of the show girls were dancing around him too and he like an idiot was enjoying the attention …
he is so dead now …

Uhh oohh…i think someone is jealous..!

Credit to: Stoneheart

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