Humrahi ( segment 28 )


her point of view –
I was walking down the corridor when I crossed him..he seemed amused about something…so I went up to him and asked him..he replied that he was going to get his brother a set of matching cufflings go wear in the evening..I asked him to drop me at the market on his way …
his point of view –
where is she going ?? and that too alone ? “no u r not going anywhere.”. I ordered .. “says who”..she replied arrogantly..”. I say so .. what if something happens ?? what if that beast comes u r not going.”.I declared..
she opened her mouth to argue but I don’t let her..I have made up my mind..and she is not going and that’s final..
but the next moment she did something that was least expected and I had no option but to agree…she came close to me and pecked my cheek..”please” she said looking into my eyes ..
ohh why does she do that ?? I finally gave up . but with conditions .. I accept I go weak when it comes to her .. but I am not that weak..
her point of view –
I knew well…what I had to do next ..I went near him …I could feel..his heart beating fast…like u noe thud thud thud..his forhead started to sweat..his breath became heavy..
I kissed him on the cheek and looked at him with pleading eyes.. that did it..this moment was mine and I was a clear winner here..
he – 2 me – 1..
but I have a condition he said next ..condition .. oh god …!! but what to do I had to go out .. had work…so I readily agreed … which surprised him…I just smiled and winked in response…
his point of view –
woaaah…! what is this girl.. I thought as I put forth my condition..
1.wear full sleve shirt
2.wear full pant
3.Charge your phone
4.If anything happens call me..
I saw her expression change to disbelief…
point for me I guess
her point of view –
what was he ..? my elder brother… but I tried to say but was cut off by him.”.yea I now you don’t have full sleves shirt ..ask bhabhi and come down soon..I am the parking” and walked off..
there goes my point..
he was leading at 4 and I was at 1 ..
he was a clear winner…
I changed my clothes and headed towards the elevator …I was greeted by his brother near the elevator..
awkward …!
did he just hear our conversation or see our kiss?
but he just smiled and went back to his room..
remember me and weird men..I guess I should add him too..
his point of view –
I dropped her at the market and went to arrange show girls .. I was heck nervous..where would I get them…bhaii…!!! uuugghhh…Then I remembered my best friend “Google ” of course..he is everyone best friend .. but I gave him special credit since he helped me find her.. .and with that I thought of calling her ..
her point of view-
oh no !! not again .. he was calling me for the third time in a hour now..and I thought he had work … oof..!
I received his call and repeated the same words I told him 10 mins ago..”yes m alright… yea just finishing my work..okay fine I will wait for you near the bridge m not talking to a stranger .. OK u too take care…”
I quickly arranged an auto and waited near the bridge for him..

Credit to: Stoneheart

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