Humrahi ( segment 27 )


his point of view –
she looks so funny when she was scared…”OK ..but on one condition… u have to come with me to the river side at night .. I want a dance like the old times at the bridge” ..I said and winked..
me -2 she 0
her point of view –

okay !! at least it was better than giving him a bath..”but we are already dancing in the sangeet..isn’t that enough for you” I called back after he had closed the door.
.”I can never have enough of you”he screamt from the bathroom…
his point of view –
I was out of the shower and struggling to find my clothes in my bag.
“.stop.! stop messing the bag..u will spoil the sherwani this way” She ordered
..she fished out a blue button up shirt with black pants for me.. matching with her blue top and black shorts.. “wear these..!”

“yes mam” and I saluted her…she burst out in peals of laughter ..
soon we were heading down to the hotels restaurants hand in hand for breakfast…
kaise bataoon tujhe – adnan sani – 3g
her point of view –
life seems so perfect right now…I wish I could put my guard down for sometime…after last night I was convinced that this was it…this was us..and we were meant to be together…I looked over to him ( he taller to me so u noe I have to crane my neck ).. he was watching his brother and his to be wife having breakfast..
and the next thing I knew he was asking me to feed me..I smiled at his pranks..and fed him a paratha..His brother looked at us amused ..
it was all so embarrassing…

his point of view –
after breakfast we headed out to shop as she needed a few things for the function in the evening..these girls ( shopping should be their middle name ) she headed towards the ethnic wear section to get her matching blouse ( that’s what she said ) and I excused myself to the casual section..I had to pick a dress for her after all I was gonna have my dream date today ..the one I had waited for so long .. I hope I can tell her everything today..
her point of view –
a hectic shopping trip … shopping is always hectic for a girl ( winks ) I hope u understand .. I saw him head to the casual section for women ..what was this guy upto?? he caught me looking at him and hid himself behind the manequin.weird …
why do I always meet weird men in my life..?

i shrugged the thought and continued shoppping..I reachd the billing counter but he hadn’t finished yet .I wonder whats taking him so long…
his point of view –
I wanted to buy the exact dress she was wearing the day we first met …ahh the mention of first day brings a smile to my face..but what to do…I couldn’t find it..
oohh no she is heading towards me… I guess she finished her billing ..
what to do …what to do..?
I”ll just tell her that Bhai asked me to get a special gift for bhabhi and she is bhabhis friend she can’t stay here or else she will spill the beans.. u noe I am smart ..
very smart

her point of view –
“what’s the hell is wrong with u ..??” I said after he finished bantering about girl side and boys side … I thought we were a team..we were giving them a surprise together..
seriously men are weird..! specially this one
I stormed out of the shop … just then I received a call from my friend ..she asked me to come back to hotel as I had to arrange something for her .. a surprise to her would be… huh ??
what the hell was happening .. ?? are these three a team.?? planning plotting against me..?
ooh poor me.. and here I was heading back to the hotel..
his point of view –
phew !! that was close.. but just then Bhai called me..he asked me to come back to the hotel as he needed my help to surprise bhabhi .. and there goes my surprise…
I reached the hotel only to receive a look from her ..u noe “what are u doing here” wala one…I quitely walked up to Bhai room and shut the door behind me…
her point of view –

whattt?? I nearly screamt when my best demanded the help that she needed from me ..
she wanted to make a grand entry in an auto rickshaw ?? huh ..? Auto.??
but then I heard her story .. and soon realised the importance of an auto in their story …
aww it was so cute… their story had started by both fighting for a single auto and how they had ended up being friends friends and now lovers and soon to be husband and wife …
his point of view –

what ..?? my brother wanted to make a grand entry with show girls ..impossible… bhabhi would kill him…
but I had to do it for him..I have never refused my brother ..he was my life she was…and memories of yesterday night …made me smile ..

my brothers words brought me out of my fantasy world … he told it was his last night of freedom and he wanted to live it to the fullest..
I chuckeled and headed out to do the necessary arrangements ..

Credit to: Stoneheart

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