Humrahi ( segment 26 )

his point of view –
3 am
I woke up nd saw her still sitting..i slowly made her lie down and adjusted the pillow for her and whispered ‘i love you … and in a sleeply tone she unknowingly replies ‘ i love you more ” shocked as i heard it for 1st time from her..i kissed her forhead and slept beside her taking her in my arms..
In the morning I got up hearing the noise in my room..she was selecting the songs for the evening sangeet..I grogilly walked up to her and hugged her from behind..she hit me playfully with her elbow and asked me to get ready soon as we had to be down for breakfast..
her point of view –
“No..! I am not going down” he said … I told him he better stop behaving like a kid and should get ready fast as we had to practise for the sangeet today and everyone was waiting for us for breakfast..
to which he replied that he was hurt and will not go anywhere ..with that he went back to bed…I saw him covering himself with the blanket ..I quickly walked up to him and pulled them back..He was no way going back to bed ..and I was gonna make sure of that…
his point of view –
she pulled my blanket …
how dare she??..
no one dared to mess with me when I was sleepy and here this girl was pulling my blanket..but it was her..she could do what ever she wanted with me .
I was all hers…
but still I loved my sleep…my beauty sleep…yea guys need their beauty sleep too… after all I had too look handsome at my brother’s wedding.
.so I thought of a plan .
. I winced .and next moment she was beside me..holding my hands in hers plan had worked…
her point of view –
he winced and I immediately rushed to him..I took his hands in mine ..he smiled mischiveously .. but then he winced again and I asked him what happened…and he replied that he needed help..but it’s okay as I wont be able to help him
..what the hell..?? there was nothing I could not do..and how dare he…I just said challenge accepted … I will do what ever u say..
his point of view –
.I told her that she should help me get ready as it was because of her i had these wounds…I saw face changing from arrogance to shock..and she looked so cute with those expressions..
“Mooh band karle warna makhi chali jayegi “..I told when she dint change her shock expression for whole five minutes.
.” I told you’s nor ur cup of tea..I won “.. .I said with a smirk
me 1 she .. 0
her point of view –
I couldn’t let him win ..never … okay I replied and regretted my decision the next moment when he asked me to shave his face
…he got up and went to the bathroom and I faceplamed myself…and followed him back time he said…I applied the the cream on his face..and slowly and steadily ran the razor on his skin…I dint want to hurt him with it..
his point of view –
” stop doorilng “I told her…after she had finished shaving and was applying the after shave.
” why would I do that “she replied…because ..
“because I am that handsome “i said in her ears and she shivered…
her point of view –
damn !!
his after shave smelt so good… it was driving me crazy..stop drooling on me he said…n I blushed….so now u have to give me a bath…he added
What ?? I am not doing it ..I replied instantly
And he burst out laughing…

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