Humrahi ( segment 25 )


her point of view –
hey I was just unconscious not dead I said when I got up.. stop shaking me like that … there was a slight pain my head…without a word he scoops me up in his arms and soon we are heading to the hotel..back to pavillion I guess…the ride seemed longer than usual .. I rested my head on the window and drifted off to sleep…it had been a long day for me..
his point of view –
I looked at her face on the seat ajacent to had peace… I wondered how could she be at peace after causing a storm inside me ..nevertheless I took her up in our room without making any sound or disturbing her beauty sleep..and carefully set her on the bed…i put the sheets on her and headed to the balcony…
thoughts of the beast on her came back to my mind…and my fist clenched…I just couldn’t see her hurt .. I had to keep her safe .. I had to be there for her…i had promised her that and I was in no mood of breaking it …
suddenly I felt posessive about her and quickly went in..she was still sleeping peacefully .. I sat beside her on the stool and bandaged her wound .. then i held her hand in mine and started thinking about us … about our meeting starting from the current handshake to me saving brought tears to my much life had changed …
she was here in front of me..the love of my life the person I had waited for so many years but still I couldn’t make her mine…couldn’t tell her how much she meant to me..couldn’t tell her what I felt for her…that my heart aches to see her cry
her point of view –
I felt wet and then I realised they were his tears..he was carefully holding my hand In his as if it was made of glass ..but hold on why was he crying ?? everything was okay now ..we were back to the hotel .. then I heard him mutter something about how lonely he was without me. and how much he missed me…how much he loves me…his pain was evident in his voice…
if I hadn’t been awake then I would have never realised his pain..he was such an idiot..I quickly got up and cupped his face..he looked into my eyes and said the most beautiful lines I ever heard.. he told me that he loved me ..nothing grand..nothing fancy but pure feeling that came directly from the heart and I knew that..
I could see all the emotions in his eyes…and I got up and headed towards the balcony..
his point of view –
she dint answer and headed straight to the balcony
I asked her what happened and she simply hugged me..and began to cry..I carresed her hair and kissed them telling her that everything was alright now and she need not worry…she broke the hug and cupped my face and told me that she was afraid of love and then of not being loved back with equal intensity…
her point of view –
he dint answer instead he just came to me and hugged me tight…I too reciprocated…hugging so tight that the broken pieces inside us started to mend…I was melting in his arms … they had the warmth in them that I craved for …
his point of view –
she was afraid of love ?? and I was lonely .. but I cannot be selfish ..I can’t make her my shield from the dark lanes of loneliness when she dint desire to be one so..I jst hugged her..
when we broke the hug i looked into her eyes..they had…her eyes were mirror to her soul and they betrayed her everytime…soon it began to rain and I the bruises on my body hurt when the rain drops fell on them..
her point of view –
he flinched…I quickly grabbed his hand and took him inside..and searched my bag for the first aid kit … I had strange habbit of carrying it everywhere…it always remained in my bag..and today I understood the reason as to why
…I made him sit on the couch and took his hand in mine .. it had dry blood on it ..and a few thorns were still stuck to it..I dint remember him getting hurt on the river side I asked him about it .. he started looking around the if the bed or the chair would help him answer my question..I asked him to look at me. he dint answer …look at me I said again…this time more loudly and he looks at me with fear in his eyes …
his point of view –
look at me she said a bit loudly now … I looked at her ..fear evident on my face I could I tell her the truth ?? I uhhh … I just tripped while coming down from the bridge..was all that I could manage to say… she just smiled and continued dressing my wounds.. as if she knew that i was lying …every time I hissed in pain…she flinched if my pain was hers too
she finished dressing my wound or wounds I should say… and asked me to take rest..
her point of view –
I dressed his wounds and asked him to rest..and settled myself on the sofa…..NO!! he shrieked
his point of view –
No ..! I said ..maybe it was too loud because she got up from the sofa and came towards me ..her concern and love for me reflecting in her eyes.
.she asked me if I needed anything to which I abruptly replied her..yes I did that finally ..! the damn thing was out of my system….
I asked her to stay for sometime with me as I was scared … scared that I might loose her again…going to the streets of darkness again…she obliged and i happily hugged her …
.she broke the hug and asked me to sleep as it was too late and we even had to rehearse in the morning ….
no I can’t let her go..not now.. ..I held her hand and told her to be here with me till I fell asleep
her point of view –
he looked so cute with his pleading eyes that i couldnt refuse so i just said that i am here and that he should sleep…with that he kept his head on my lap and closed his eyes.. I kept caressing his hair..he kept checking every ten minutes to see wether i am there or not.
.as soon as i assured him that i will stay with him his body relaxed and he drifted to sleep..and i too slept in a sitting position resting my head on the corner of the bed..

Is everything falling in place??

Credit to: Stoneheart

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