Humrahi ( segment 24 )


his point of view –
as soon I entered the hotel I was greeted by an old man asking me what I wanted…I enquired him about her to which he said that I was in my room resting… I hurried up the stairs climbing two at a time .
.i knocked at the door ..she dint respond… I knocked a little louder she still dint respond…I could feel it..she was in trouble … I kicked hard and the door flung open
… the beast was strangling her….she lifted her head up and looked at me… relief washed over her face… within a split second I caught hold of the beast and punched him in the face…I saw her sit up straight and fold her knees to her if her knees were the barrier she needed ..our eyes locked for a minute and the next moment she was trying to signal something to me… I am bad at signs. ( I am a very straight jacketed person and only understand things from which I can relate a direct meaning …) sudennly I felt a kick on my back and the next moment I was on the floor and the beast was hitting me blue and black.. I tried to get up but my body gave away… he picked up a rod and was approaching towards me ..when she shrieked…
her point of view –
as soon as he entered the place .. I knew that I would be safe…and then our eyes met and a lot of things changed that moment… his eyes dint depict the anger that I had seen at the bridge..but his eyes depicted fear…fear of loosing someone special…the one I had seen on the day I had slipped from the rock .
..suddenly I could see the cook approaching him from behind … I tried telling him about it .. but he dint listen to me and the next moment he was on the ground wincing in pain… how it hurt to seem him like that .. getting beaten up black and blue … it pained me…then I saw the cook approaching him with a rod and I don’t know why but I shrieked as loudly as I could..
his point of view –
her shriek had all the pain that I was feeling at the moment … did she feel the same pain??..but somehow her voice had done magic … cz now I was able to stand up and fight back ..and i knew i had to do it for her….she had been the strength that I needed at that time…now it was my turn to hit him and I did with all my might .anger rising inside me ..i gave a blow to the beast and he was down on the ground…”she is mine…!! and no one can hurt her.. not even me” ..!! I spat..and turned to look towards her ..
her point of view –
she is mine…!! and no one can hurt her.. not even me” he had said… and turned towards me… I looked at him as he spread his arms shahrukh style.. … I felt myself running to him at top speed ..and hugging him as tightly as I can…he had once again completed his promises and had rescued me yet again.. he too reciprocated the hug with equal intensity and we stood there clinging to each other ..suddenly I felt dizy …my head still ached
sanson ko from zid plays in the baground
his point of view –
I turned towards her and opened my arms expectantly .and she ran towards our last meet and hugged me tight.. as I saw her approaching I could feel myself coming out of the dark tunnel to light…light of happiness ..suddenly I felt her heavy in my arms..she had fainted…I scooped her in my arms..I had to take her to the hotel .there was no way she was staying here…..but before that I had to make her conscious.. I quickly went to the car and brought water…and sprinkled it on her..she dint move … .I paniked..I dint know what to do… I put the whole bottle on her and shook her vigorously ..

P.S please listen to the song while you read

Credit to: Stoneheart

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