Humrahi ( segment 23 )


his point of view-
these wounds of the body could heal but not of the heart and I couldn’t let her come close to me..
my fear of being left alone again had build a wall around my heart and i just couldn’t let anyone enter.. specially not her…
I won’t be able to bear this…seeing her in pain…I had no choice but to distance myself from her..because she was trying to break the wall.. but I knew the consequence … no one loved me and no one wanted to stay with me so they left leaving me alone… like how she had.. like how dad had.
.. this was long dark road and I had to walk it alone.. I saw her leaving the place in tears.. it hurts me to hurt her like this .. but this was best for her ..for me… for us..
.but I had hurt her and now i had to get my punishment so caught a nearby thorn bush in my palm and squeezed it tight till blood oozed out …
the increased physical pain released the inner pain … I was calm now so I headed back to the hotel …

I reached my room and found her nowhere..I asked Bhai.. bhabhi …a few relatives but no one had seen her.. I was tensed … where did she go at this late in the night ??
I went to the watchman and he replied that she had see her get into a taxi and head to the hotel nearby
I was taken aback but then I remembered that she had informed me in the morning..
soon I grabbed my car keys and was speeding to the address that I had just found on Google maps ( yea they can be a real pain at times but I guess I was just lucky enough )..
her point of view –
he had thrown me out of his life..defeated..I reached our room … oops sorry his room
…I packed my stuff up and headed towards the hotel I had booked earlier in the day …
I had to get away from here before he came back..i just couldn’t hurt him more.
..i hailed a cab and reacehed the hotel… maybe I should no’t call it a hotel now I thought… the place was dimly lit with only a old caretaker and a cook.. gathering up courage I went in..the old man checked me out like I was some menu card..
I was wearing a tee with shorts and a long shrug that reached uptill my ankels. .. I had come straight from the picnic and dint bother changing as i was too busy crying ..
.stupid me..!

… he asked me what I wanted … I told him about my booking and he showed me the way to a room
… was I a lone occupant here ?? The thought scared me
I thanked him and he went away muttering something about how girls have no shame nowadays …
I entered my room expecting a warm bed to curl on.. but to my disappointment I foundly only a dusty single bed in a corner … there was a zero vault bulb above it that attracted all the mosquito’s to itself .. a phone on the side table probably for ordering room service…I walked around the room… calming my nerves.. hanging my clothes in the cupboard.. soon I heard a knock on the door …

I was not expecting a visitor at this time.. starltled I headed towards the door opening it slightly ..
his point of view –
where are you ?? my heart screamt… I just wanted to see her so bad…I sped my car . .and took a wrong turn ..soon my phone began to vibrate signalling that I had missed the turn I needed to go back and and take a right instead of a left
… I quickly took a u turn and headed for my destination … I was turning into a narrow Lane ..I checked my phone to see wether it was the correct turn .. but it din’t vibrate.. instead it was pointing ahead.. I slowed down a little so that I wouldn’t miss the hotel ..
ahead of me with a broken down board was “the hotel “..I left the car on the road …dint borther parking it up.

as soon as i reached the address i looked around for her…damn this place dint even have a reception .. why had she come to this place ..?? was she so desperate to get away from me ?? did she hate me so much ?? my own words stung me … causing me pain…

her point of view –
it was the cook..he had a glass of water with him..I drank the water in one go and asked him wether the place had a restaurant to which he only snickered and said that I should be lucky in what was provided and not demand much.
..I was taken aback by his words. this was not the hospitality I expected…and muttered a thank you behind him.. once back in darkness of my room… the memories of the past haunted me… n tears began flowing from my eyes.

. suddenly I heard commotion on the floor below me…I heard the old man shouting and abusing..i went and sat in the farthest corner of the room away from the light so that no one could see me…
suddenly the door to my room flung open…if was the cook.. he frantically began to search for something .. his eyes were blood red probably from drinking… his steps were wobbly… suddenly he threw a bottle on the ground and it rolled over to me… as if a magnet is attracted to iron …

. he was coming towards me…his steps heavier than usual… I closed my eyes in fear…my heart thumping in my chest at 190 head hurting from the wound he had given me…. I opened my one eye to see him.. but unfortunately he had seen me…he was leaning down to pick his bottle … when he had seen me… he pulled me from the corner and held me by my hair…and dragged me to the rug…i saw lust in his eyes…

memories of the night flashed before me..I shivered …
I tried to pull myself away from his grip .. irritated he raised his hand to slap me…suddenly the door was kicked open…and to my relief my nightmare guy was at the door ..

P.S my sincere apologies to aanya for not replying on time to some of her comments..
I hope i dint dissapoint you..


Credit to: Stoneheart

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