Humrahi ( segment 22 )

her point of view –
I got up from a peaceful sleep only to be realising I was in his arms..”.ooh ..! so that was the reason of my peaceful sleep” … I smiled to myself ..and looked at him…the window was open and the sun was shining bright and disturbing his sleep

…awwwww how cute he looked while sleeping …he was restlessly shifting from side to side to avoid the bright sunlight ..suddenly I felt myself blocking the sunlight that was coming on his face with my hair… uuhhh… did I ever mention that I have a beautiful long mane..when he had finally settled in his sleep.. I got up and closed the curtain and headed towards the bathroom…
his point of view –

I got up with a bright smile in the morning thinking about the last night’s happening … I saw her packing her bag and wondered where she was going . suddenly she looked at me as if she had heard me..she said that after the picnic she will go to the hotel she has found on the net and would not bother me anymore…
bother me ??

was this female nuts..?
y did she think she was bothering me ?? I loved her company then and I loved it now. . but maybe her going away was better for me..for her … for us .. I got down from my bed and went towards the bathroom…

I came out wearing a towel around my waist she was still packin her bag..aahh…
one night and so much stuff to pack… these girls I tell u..!
suddenly she turned and that moment something unexpected happened and we both screamed …
her point of view –

I finally found a hotel .. phew ..! it’s not 5 star but its a 3 star.. I would be able to manage I guess…I heard him come out of the bathroom… I tried not to turn and look at his well sculpted body … but soon my heart gave in n I turned to look at him.. n then it happened n we both screamed ..

the lone towel that was covering his body slipped n landed on the floor .. startled I turned my face to the other side…I picked up my haversack that I had packed for the trip and headed out of the room …my back still facing him..
his point of view –

y do I always have to look like an idiot in front of her…chal beta jaldi chal bhar before she tells anyone…I quickly got ready..packed my back n headed out in the lobby where everyone is waiting for me ..I looked at her and she tried avoiding eye contact … thank I was really embarrassed now …soon we boarded the bus and were heading to the destination ..”. our river side ” … yea that’s wad I liked to call it … ours..soon we reached the place and memories of my birthday flooded in…I couldn’t take it anymore… I was angry and helpless at the same time..I informed Bhai that I will be back after the walk and headed towards the bridge …
her point of view –

thank God he went for a walk after we reached the spot … it was getting harder to control my emotions with every passing second I just wished that this picnic would end soon
..he was back from his walk now..looking all calm and composed…
soon we were sitting in a circle and playing truth and dare a usual picnic game..the bottle spun at top speed and stopped at right in front of me… his brother asked me ..truth or dare….
wad would I choose ? I repplied truth .. as they were giving off weird dares to everyone and I dint wanna be a part of it ..

I was not in my right frame of mind ..everyone began to hoot and clap around me … he asked me what was the thing that scared me the most… n without a second thought I blurted out love
…it startled everyone ..but soon I twisted the truth other way round and said that because with love comes a partner and with partner came marriage n it was barbadi… everyone around relaxed at my answer but my heart only wanted to see his reaction …
his head was bowed down .. he was playing with the grass.. n his face was expressionless… soon I got up from the circle as I was out and went for a walk …
his point of view –

love … that’s what she is afraid of . … but y..?? then she twisted the truth about some barbadi crap.. I knew her too well to noe that it was just a cover-up..i felt her gaze on me… she expected me to show a reaction to her words..
she wanted to see wether her words affected me… but I was not going to put my guard down … I was not ready to be vulnerable in front of least not now … maybe never… she quickly got up from the group as she was out and headed towards the bridge…
her point of view –

I reached the bridge and the memories of our second dance flashed before me.
..the way we silently swayed to the music…suddenly I felt myself blushing…and then It hit me that if i dint head back now then maybe I would loose my self control.. anyways I had to just maintain it for a few hours more then I would be in my hotel room alone without him
… in peace..
when I reached the clearing where the gang Sat .. I heard him saying that he was scared of lonliness and then his brother got up and hugged him.. it was an aww moment… I had never seen this emotional side of him before… to me he always seemed strong…
then as if he heard me he quickly composed himself and got up and started to walk away…he walked past me as if he hadn’t seen me… and went and sat on the bridge and I joined the gang..
few hours passed by .. he hadnt returned .. nor did anyone ask about him … I was getting worried for him

.. just then my best friend told me that we had to leave soon as it has started to get dark..all of us headed towards the bus .. hoping that he would follow us soon…
but i just couldn’t leave him alone as it was getting dark… besides I was really worried for him..I reasoned with my best friend that they should carry-on and that I will return with him as we had to do little preparations for the dance .. she bid me farewell and left along with others..
I went back to the bridge only to find him sitting in a corner and crying profusely … why was he crying ?? I couldn’t bear to him like this

.. I went to him and hugged him tight hoping that my hug would give him some reassurance.. he kept crying for some time in my arms… when he had finally stopped I made him look into my eyes.. and asked him what happened

.. he looked at me at once and pushed me away… asking me to stay away..I was startled I had never seen him this rude before..i dint know what to do.. but one thing I knew for sure was that I was not gonna leave him alone.

.I again went towards him to ask him to reason for his sorrow … but this time he did something that I had never expected he pushed me real hard.. my head hit the railing of the bridge and it started to bleed.. I turned towards him expecting him to be concerned .. but to my horror he looked the other way and turned his back towards me … I got up and left the place crying…

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