Humrahi ( segment 21 )

her point of view –
I took a quick bath … changed …. and went down for dinner… he was nowhere to be found .. I found my eyes wandering .. i thought of asking his brother but then changed my mind…
my friend came up to me and asked me wether I could do get a favour to which I readily agreed … she told me that she wanted to take her would be husband down the memory lane of their togetherness.. and she wanted me and the nightmare guy ( yea I still called him that ) to help her out
… suddenly I heard him say sure bhabhi anything for u…he was right behind me… I could feel his breath on my back … suddenly I turned and collided with him…and lost my balance .. immiditalely his two strong arms encircled my waist and held me … saved me… yea once again…

and memories of that day flashed n I looked at him … and our eyes met …
tu Jane na by atif aslam plays in baground
his point of view –
she turned and was about to fall… n then I remembered promising her that I would always be there for her … I couldn’t break my promise … even if she had broken hers
..i quickly caught hold of her waist and then it happened … our eyes met and just like it happens every time every thing froze …
she still has that effect on me… my thoughts were disturbed by bhabhi … who was coughing and saying something like wow ..” u guys already have such a sizling chemistry ..I hope to see this in the dance too.”..
what ???

her point of view –
did she just say dance ??? oh my god … but I had given my word and had to abide by it now.. n dance wouldn’t hurt much ..
will it ??
just then his brother came he asking us to hurry up ..we were leaving for picnic tommorow morning..we were going to the river side on the outskirts of the city for picnic…I immediately refused… I was in no way going there again way going down the memory lane..
his point of view –
picnic at the river side ?? Why ?? then I heard her refuse for the idea and my body relaxed ..but then bhabhi started to convince her by saying that If she didn’t come then even she won’t go either …

… n bhabhi wanted to spend time with Bhai…she looked at me for help … I simply shrugged … what could I say .. I wanted her to come… but then again I was scared …what if she leaves me again .. i won’t be able to take it… she won’t be able to take it… but then after a lot of persuasion from bhabhi she finally agreed …
we sat down for dinner trying our best to avoid each other…
her point of view –
I quickly gulped my dinner and went to the room ..I changed in my night dress and pretended to be asleep..I heard him come.. he was searching for something in his suitcase.. propably his night suit… I watched him with half open eyes …

he finally found his clothes and went to the bathroom to change .. he came back after 5 mins and settled on the couch ..and slept staring at his phone and me staring at him..
after I was satisfied that he was asleep I got up took a blanket and put it on him…then my eyes fell on the scarf in his hand .. I carefully bent down and removed it ..
I was shocked and surprised at the same time… it was the same scarf I had lost on the day I was about to drown .. tears welled up in my eyes . I quitely placed it back ….just then his phone beeped for low battery I picked it so that I would put if to charge .. I plugged in his charger and when the screen came up I saw our selfie the one we had clicked on the day of his birthday with the cake ..I could not take it anymore .. . I kept it on the side table and went to bed..
. each step making my decision firm that I had to stay away from him … and tomorrow after the picnic I would look for a hotel …n closed my eyes … soon sleep engulfed me…

his point of view –
I got up hearing soft sobbing in my room… I looked over to the bed she was crying ..I had to go to her . to be there for her… then I realised there was a blanket on me… I frantically searched for my phone and then soon found it on charge ..

i smiled and went towards her … she was crying … i had to do something quick.. I couldn’t stand her tears … I sat down on the bed near her.. n whisppered her name … she dint respond and continued to cry… I again whispered this time a little louder … still she dint respond… I had no option but to hug her to refrain her from crying ..
I engulfed her in my arms.. scared at first …when she dint protest ..I held her more firmly ..I stared to caress her hair to soothe her down … but then something unexpected happened She snuggled her head to my chest and wrapped her arms tightly around me , as though her life was depending on me

. I got worried of what had possibly possessed her to do so, but couldn’t ignore the feeling of happiness..I lay down beside her .. sleeping peacefully after a long time. …

Is everything getting alright…??

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  1. Wow mindblowing epi.awesome dr…..plz dont make swara feel gulty for last scene

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  2. Oh!! I didn’t see that coming!! But i think he deserves to know everything..her bf n dad and all… Nyc epi.. Ur ff is close to my heart..and always will be..

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    2. thanks a lot…bhut bada bath keh dia aapne…

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  3. Aaww dat was awesome.. luvd it

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