Humrahi ( segment 20 )

his point of view –
my heart jumed with joy on listening to her voice on the other side then my fear took over me and I felt my voice become stiff…i told her that my brother was getting married to her friend and I was here to pick her up…she just said OK and started to walk towards me…
I just couldn’t stop myself from staring at her ..she was indeed beautiful .. those eyes…that hid so much beneath them… her carefully placed step as if one wrong move and she would loose everything..
that was the moment I decided that I cannot hurt her…no one stayed with me for a long time and loosing people hurted a lot and I can’t hurt her that much …cz I loved her too much for that..
her point of view –

I put my luggage in his car and he drove silently to the hotel..all this while he kept staring at road ..being bored of the long ride…I switched on the radio… love guru’s show was on air..
I remeber listening to him when I was younger ..when I believed in it…
he was talking on the phone to one of his callers and telling them how s.. was the only solution to all the problems..
s.. that word scared me to bits..

I glanced towards him … he was still busy staring at road when suddenly he looked at me…
he looked at me and smiled and muttered something about how useless these programs were and went back to staring at the road..
his point of view –
God u r amazing … like really..aur bhabhi ko dunia mai aur koi dost nai mila tha kya??
cmon yaar…sirf shadi tk ki bath hai..uske bad wo apne raste r main apne..meantime I have to trap these feelings in my heart… I can’t let them escape .. I can’t let her feel the pain of my loneliness..

soon we reached the hotel..
bhabhi came and hugged her…. I so wished I could too..soon my thoughts were disturbed by bhai who told me to come inside .. I removed her luggage n all of us went inside…
we reached the reception and the lady behind the counter started to apologise saying that she didn’t have any vacant room..
I glanced at her.. she was busy talking to bhabhi..
just then my great brother came up with the most idiotic weirdest stupidest idea ever…
he said that she should stay in my room…as my room was a suite so we both would be able to manage ..
What …??
I tried to protest … but again Bhai toh bhai’s very difficult to change his mind ..once he has decided upon something…
her point of view –
as soon as we reached the reception I was talking to my friend and then suddenly I heard him scream .. What ???
I turned to look at him ..he was looking at his brother with pleading eyes …oh my god…how cute he is .. I wish I could just go n pull his cheeks..or maybe ruffle his hair….then I remembered the night and shrugged the idea away …
I heard his brother saying something about me n him staying in the same there was no room available at the hotel..
. what??

I screamt and four pairs of eyes looked at me at once ..
his brother explained how there at had been a miscalculation and a remote mama mami had come and he had to allot my room to them..
I requested them to let me go and check out some hotel nearby to which the reception replied that all the hotels in the town were full due to wedding season
everyone had to marry now ???.?
I had no option but to agree…he stared at me with those big big eyes as if he was a lion and I was his prey …
believe when I say that I was scared of this man…

his point of view –
what ??? she agreed ??? how could she ?? but we’ll I guess m being lucky… n I think it won’t hurt much …just a matter of few days…will it??
I took her luggage to my room..and asked to settle while I checked on other guest…I always wanted her to come back and when she had then why was I feeling scared ?? so helpless ??
I had to vent out all these emotions that I am feeling in my heart …and what can be better than my river side … so I took my car and headed towards the river side. ..

What does destiny have in store for them..?

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  1. WOW nice dr… same room… i think they will clear their mu…….. awesome…

    1. thanks didu

  2. Destiny smtyms plays d biggest pranks on us…. And atlast it will give u things we deserve.. If he deserves her or she deserves him..if dey r 4 each other.. Destiny will never make dem 2gether..but after putting dem through a lot of troubles..ofc
    nyc work.. Stonesss! Keep it up.. I have a q.. Did u used to write on indian forums of sr page?

    1. no i havent written anywhere else… this is my first attempt

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