Humrahi (segment 2 )


Then y were they still in darkness of lonliness..??
Y was she lonesome..?
Then it occured to her that maybe they were not compatible.. and hence
  lonely..compatibility is a big word may have a lot i in it but
Then eventually ends with y..
that means how much ever i am self obsessed still at a point i wud have to show my dedication towards you to make the compatibility work between us.
. cz in the end it is i t y.. 
I to you..
She told him about her discovery..he was furious..he said i think u have started loving someone else thus u feel we are not compatible..
and made a huge scene about it .. threw things around..slapped her hard across her face.
..yea slapped her.. she was shaken .scared.. cudnt move .. he blamed her . Her beauty .. saying that she uses her beauty to seduce other guys so that she can continue her ‘limited flirting’ and made her belive that he was loyal.. 
Loyal loyal loyal.. big word again.. but meaning unknown..
Does loyalty mean do anything without letting them noe
Or does it mean that being honest behind the back as well as in front of the person..?
Crying.. broken..scared..she left his house..
on her way home.. she met a guy.. n wad a  charm he had.. the best species one can ever imagine..perfect set hair..not a singl one out of place..trimmed beard..yea a beard not a stuble..the walk with neat steps made as if he was on a dance floor.
N last but not the least that smile.. that made the million star shine weneva it shwd up..
.was mesmerizing..he seemed to b lost n finding his way to a place ..
he came up to me..n askd her for the adress..
here she was sulkin abt hvin a bad relatn and a sad life wen suddenly a guy as perfect as him walkd up to her..she was taken aback that such good lookin guy actually walked up to me and spoke to me like what the hell..??
he asked for some address to which I showed him the direction and moved on .. only to be realising that he was headin to my guy house or maybe now ex guys house.. I wondered how an this prince was related to that ugly beast … suddenly my love for him faded away in thin air..and things startd to make sense..yes v werent meant to b together cz we were meant to b with this guy..the guy with mesmerizing smile..that cud make ur knees go weak..i shrugged my thoughts and decided to head home and sort matters with him later..I hailed an auto and asked him to take me home… on the way I realized that due to my grand exit I had forgotten my bag at his place …  now I was in a dilemma .. wether to go Back r not..i thought abt it.. n thought hard..n then came to a conclusion that i wud go back to his house..n collect my bag n come soon..i tried callin him up but his phone was out of reach..realizin that this was not the 1 st tym i was goin to his unannounced.. setting aside my fears i askd the auto guy to take me back..i thought just collecting my bag wudnt hurt much.. i decided to head towards his house..the whole way his slap n his harsh words kept playing and replayin in my head..the way to his house seemed diffrent today..maybe i was not in the usual state of mind which was happy n exited but i was in a dillema..a dillema was wether it was seriously over..?? The thoughts of us being over brought a set of fresh new tears in my eyes..n i began to cry..i reachd his place..the door was slightly ajar..i cud hear laughter..a grls laughter…askin sum 1 not to be brain realised wad was happenin..we were over n he had moved on..but my heart cudnt accept the fact that the same guy who cud do anything fr my smile..was the reason of my tears…my misery..n my messed up just give the admission of thisfact in my heart i went furthr  in and to my horror i found my best friendand my guy or maybe not my guy anymore i dont really know engrossed in a deep passionate kiss..i could not  control myemotions n ran out of his house at top speed..i again ended up dashin theguy with the charming smile..he still seems to be still lost..n hadnt foundthe adress yet..seein me he gave me a known Smile..similar to mine the one i gave him wen i saw him cmin ..suddenly i cud hear smthngringin …vibrating..n the ring increasing every minute..until it explodedlike a bomb in my already sore head..i got up n sat with a sudden jolt..nlyto be realizing that all this was jus a dream..thanking my stars i got dwnfrm my bed shutting the alarm off..n nearly shat in my pants seeing was 9 i had to b at college by 10 n my cllg was quiet a ride frm myplace. I quickly got ready n gulped dwn my brkfast..n dashed out my house..n starting my scooty i finally made it to college…


Credit to: Stoneheart

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