Humrahi ( segment 19 )

Few years later ….
her point of view –
I hear my phone ringing … its my best friend .. she is getting married… I can’t believe we have grown up so soon …. it seems like just yesterday that we were in college and now she is getting married … she is marrying her college sweetheart
… wow…
I have stopped believing in the word relationships since that night …mom had got to know about it and she dint take it well…
She blamed herself for everything and suffered a heart failure…memories of my mom suffering came back and I begin to cry..
at first I refused to attend her marriage but after her persuance I finally agree…
his point of view –
I can’t believe my brother is getting married..oh no our brobond will break now now his gf … his would be wife will enter between us… uff..!
after dad he was my only prized possesion and now bhabhi is coming in between .. but I am happy for him…at least he is completing his love story …unlike me.. who is so unlucky that no one likes to stay with me..first mom… then dad … then her… she had promised me that she will never leave me.. then why did she break her promise ??? why did she betray me ???
I can never ever forgive her for this betrayal..suddenly my blood began to boil.. and I threw away the nearest thing that I found.. and to my surprise it was a vase .. Bhai entered the room hearing the sound and tried to console me… he has been doing that since that morning
… the morning she she betrayed me… but I guess some wounds don’t times I wondered whether she still remeberred me or thought about me… to distract my mind Bhai told me that we had to do wedding shopping as we were running out of time …

her point of view –
its been years since I have been there…I don’t know how it would be to be there again… I thought as I boarded the train back to my home …( yea I always called that place home .. cz it had given me the warmth and the love that I never experienced from that man house )..
soon the train was nearing the home station …my friend had told me that her to be husband brother would come to pick me up as she and her husband had to go for other arrangements..I wondered what his brother would be like… and I closed my eyes.
.. I saw him.
.he was the only ray of light in my dark life..he was my nightmare guy..I opened the my eyes the train has reached the station I wished I could meet him … but then I remembered mom’s last days and that dreadful night soon the thought vanished… I will not be able to see him in pain.. and love caused pain…so I had to stay away from him..had to stay away from the curse of love…
his point of view –
Bhai asked me to pick up bhabhi’s friend as they had to go out for some arrangements ..then he slowly whispered in my ears . check her out Bhai …u need to move on….but how could I tell him about my fears…about me being scared that if I love someone again then she will be also snatched away from me.. like dad…like her…how could I tell him that I was scared of loving someone… .scared of being deserted again …??
I reached the station and started to look for her .. suddenly i saw her…
oh no why ???
i collected myself and dialed the number and heard a familiar voice pick up the call on the other side…the ground beneath me froze…
her point of view –
I saw him….he was searching for some one. then he turned and saw me..
tere liye – veer Zara plays…
omg..why did I have too see him first thing in this city ..but then he again turns away as I don’t exist and tries to call someone.. soon my phone began to ring… and I mutter a quiet thanks to God and I pick up the call and said hello…

Will their paths cross again..??

Credit to: Stoneheart


  1. Hope

    The paths will cross…coz dats wat we call destiny… I don’t blv in god but i blv in destiny.. If 2 ppl r destinied to be one..they will be 1 no matter what… Stoneheart… I don’t know y but i feel smthng in my heart when i read ur ff……………

  2. DIDU

    Thank god you came…. awesome part dr…..
    Plz dont separate them….make them close dr…. thank you.bye

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.