Humrahi ( segment 18 )

her point of view –
he dropped me home as usual..I went in and found my dad still there ..I had thought of all this as a bad dream that would get over once I returned home…but no this was reality present… he announced that we were leaving town and we’re starting our lives from a fresh start ..he was repenting and wanted to rectify his mistakes … i tried to protest but in vain mom gave me a sharp look and asked me to behave … how could I ??
how could I behave properly to a man who had given me nothing but pain … nothing but sorrow.. I wondered how mom had thought of forgivin this man ( by now I was convinced that I wasmt gonna or rather I should put it this way I will not call this man dad ever ) could she ?? but then i remebered all the sleepless nights she had spent cryin for him to come back … how her side of the bed was always wet in the morning .. how lonely she felt at markets on Sunday that she stopped visiting them on weekends ..
I looked her … she seemed happy atleast that is what I thought … and suddenly my anger vanished … I had to do it for her … for she was was my god… and I couldn’t upset her just because I was uncomfortable..I decided then and there that if I couldn’t forgive him then at least I could give it a try…and I headed towards them with a fake smile ..and told them how happy I was about their reunion about our family’s reunion. I then hugged my mother and the man headed towards me to hug me…I stepped back.. memories flooding back..
thinking of forgiving him for my mom’s sake was ok.. but I couldn’t let this man touch he still disgusted me .. I just ran upto my room fakin a excuse of packin up my stuff..i closed the door behind me and cried my heart out …
his point of view –
wow ..what a day it was… the dance .. her smile…our hug..everything was just beautiful…and a wide grin spread over my face …suddenly my brother entered my room…( oops I forgot to introduce my brother ) .. he is my best buddy .. I never hide anything from him..and the same is the story with him… u now whenever I try to hide anything from him my stomach starts hurtin … yea it’s funny n u are probably laughing now but I can’t help it such is our brobond.
.where was I ?? yea my brother entered my room..actually I have a habit of being side tracked easily and then I go on a diffrent tangent like how I am going now…uff!!
he entered my room and asked me why was smiling like an idiot that to at midnight …he asked me wether a spirit had entered me??
he came to me and shook me hard and he again asked me wether a spirit had entered me …I was grinning like an idiot which was so unlikely of me.instantly I replied yes..and he let out a big scream
.. I quickly came back to my senses and held my palm on his mouth before he could wake dad up..I made him sit and asked him wether he was crazy to which he simply replied that I was crazy hiding things about a girl from him.
.I was surprised as to how he knew about it and voiced my thoughts .. to which he replied that it was a part of brobond..i began telling him about her
..about her beauty starting from her eyes…that shone whenever she smiled..they were mirror to her soul..which was pure .. her perfectly sculptured body that always sent a hungry desire in my mind to hold it in my arms… her silky hair and my Rapunzel thought on which Bhai chuckeled …n then I told him about our hugs…. how I never wanted them to end…our dances in which our steps matched perfectly … as if it was a rehearsed performance saving her from drowning ..the feeling of loosing everything ..her tears that caused pain to my heart… and then I ended with telling him about our first touch..about how I had felt current and then her laughing face.. aaah…wad beauty .. I could still hear her laugh ring in my ears….
and then again my brother shreiked.. this time I hit him hard and began laughing loud.. he told me to get up and see my face in the mirror … it was red and had a stupid grin … and he left my room sayin ” good luck bro u r in love ”
after he left the room … I actually got up an went to the washroom to see my face… but instead of seeing my own face in the mirror I saw her face…( no she is not a ghost but she is on my mind …making me hallucinate ) … then my alarm clock rang … it was six ..
oh no… did I spend the whole night thinking about her and talking about her ??? but why ??
was bro right ?? but then again what he knew about love … he was someone who took it as a joke… changing girls like people change clothes…
but maybe he was right… I was actually in love. . and then I remembered the song she had played last night and that proved it..that she loved me too so now I had to confront her … but how ???
I decided to to go to the river side and decorate the place like she had done for my birthday ..
I dashed into the bathroom … took a quick shower … carefully set each strand of my hair and headed to the river side…
her point of view –
I cried whole night … and dint realise when I had dozed off…mom dint call me for dinner ..maybe she understood how uncomfortable I was .. it’s funny how my mom understands things about me which I myself don’t …moms I tell you ..
I packed my stuff .. and headed to the bathroom ..thinking maybe a shower will help me lighten my mood ..after my shower I dressed up as slow as possible as if me reaching late would act as a change of heart for mom .. but when I reached down ..she was already ready ..and was pacing about the room waiting for me …
I saw the man again and my blood boiled but as soon as mom saw me she gave me a smile that said thank God u r down … the smile relaxed my nerves and I pasted a plastic smile on my face and headed towards them…
I saw him reading newspaper and when he saw me approach he dropped it on the floor and headed towards me….uurrgghh…why does he keep heading towards me… can’t he feel that m uncomfortable … why couldn’t he read me like mom did…then I realised …that he doesn’t have a bond with me…n it was a bit too much expectation from him..( silly me )…from a man who saw his daughter with that thought disgusted me
when he hadn’t cared then … then y would he now ??
I quickly excused myself and headed towards the kitchen ..I coudnt stand this man ..he seemed all so fake … I grabbed some juice and sat down on the stool near the kitchen counter .. and soon mom entered…
she asked me to behave in front of dad..she said that it was our only chance to have a family and I should not ruin it ..I should try to adjust and adapt to the new change that was coming in our lives …she told me that she expects me to forgive him and accept him..
haah..! forgive him..I couldn’t …I tried a lot but I just couldn’t expect the fact that he had come back for good then and there I mentally decided that I will try to be nice to him for mom’s sake… I couldn’t upset her anymore… so I jus smiled and made tea for everyone ..I made a cup for him too…he smiled at my gesture like it was a priced possession for him…
and soon we were leaving for our destination in his car …
I leaned against the window and closed my eyes..we were gonna start our new life and maybe I wasn’t ready for it but it dint matter I had to do it for mom…
suddenly on the way out of the city we crossed te river side and all the memories with the nightmare guy flashed before me…our dance.. our hugs…him saving me..everthing seemed so perfect until this man arrived and my hatred towards him increaed …tears started to flow out from my eyes and I began to weep silently…. I so wish I could meet him before leaving …
baton ko Teri – all is well played in the baground

I am extremely sorry if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments …!

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