Humrahi ( segment 16 )

her point of view –
I felt as if I just made the biggest mistake of my life…my heart felt heavy .as I could see tears drops forming around his eyes.. I had caused him pain .. and I had to be punished for it..
I rushed to my room and banged my hand to the wall.. I saw my hand turn red and by night it had become double of its size … I wondered why did it hurt me so much to see him in pain ..
why couldn’t I see tears in his eyes.. I had never felt this before n shocked at the intensity of it.. the pain brought tears to my eyes .. n soon I was crying .. .
mom found it very odd see me cry because I was the strong kid who was unaffected by emotions ..n my continuous sobbing was making her worried as this was the first time I had locked myself in my room and came out only for meals..thus she called my friends and asked them to take me out to cheer me up… after a lot of persuasion I finally agreed and soon my friends and me were heading to the mall..
his point of view –

I was confused at her reaction ..I dint noe wheter she actually meant those words or whether she was saying all this under some pressure .. it has been 4 days n I haven’t spoken to her since my birthday incident.. so to distract myself I headed towards the mall with family ..
suddenly at the parking I saw her crossing over ..dodging a few cars .. I smiled at myself unknowingly… then my eyes fell on her hand .. it was bandaged … n suddenly I could feel my fist clench… she was such an idiot girl couldn’t she take care of herself ..?
n I got down from my car n headed towards her … anger rising every minute…as soon I reached her I saw her lean frame n pale face.. n wondered what had happened in these 4 days..
she had transformed from an angel lighting everyone’s life to this … a person who smiled only forced .. I kept staring at her for some time trying to gauge the reason for her behaviour .. when she suddenly looked up n saw me… n like always the time froze ..
her point of view –
I saw him in the parking … he was staring at me with concern in his eyes .. I looked at him n as usual the time froze… his eyes asking me a number of questions for which I din’t have any answers .
.. n then his eyes went down to my hand .. n then I saw his fist clench n teeth grit which clearly showed that he was angry but y..?? I quickly hid my hand in my pocket and went passed him…

was he angry at my words ?? oh no .. wad would I reply if he asked me about it .. but to my surprise as I went passed him .. he dint say anything ..nor did he stop me
.I exhaled the breath that I had caught a while ago .. n kept walking .. suddenly the reality struck me..our friendship was over … I turned back to see him n he was still staring at me with those question in his eyes…
tum bin – sanam re plays in baground..
his point of view –
she went passed as if I dint exist… I stood there staring at her descending figure when she turned ..n I saw pain in her eyes.. I wondered why…? it was her decision .. then why..?
soon I found myself following her into the mall..
I tried finding her but soon gave up.. n headed towards my family..
her point of view –

I couldn’t hurt him more… this was my messed up life n why should he feel the brunt of it
so when I saw him following me .. I hid myself in the women’s changing room…n came out only when I saw him returning to his family..
his point of view –
it has been a long time since that mall incident … n the last I remember of her is those painful eyes .. . n then those words of” its over” ring in my ears… each time hurting with more intensity than before…
damn I missed her so bad …
I kept going back to the river side.. hoping that one day I would see her.. but all my efforts ended in vain as she never came..
miss you – Enrique iglesias plays in baground

P.S listen to the songs in the story..

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