Humrahi ( segment 15 )

her point of view –
omfg..!! my boyfriend’s friend saw me with him and tomorrow I will be faced with questions and I am not sure how I will ans them ..
I don’t know how I will tell him about my dreams about how I met this guy…about my nightmare…and why m I so attracted towards him… I am so confused..n so scared…
next day as I anticipated I received a call from my boyfriend he said he wanted to meet and I couldn’t say no.. I knew what was coming my way…

we met at our usual place … I was expecting him to be angry … n to scream n shout but to my surprise he was calm… calm as an ocean…. I dint know how to react so I jus Sat there expression less..
he came towards me and asked me with a straight face.. “baby who was he ?”…I kept mum.. it was not as if I don’t want to answer but it was because I don’t know the answer.. he finally came n Sat beside me.. I could see his clenched fist … then he slowly composed himself n said .. “jaan I trust u a lot.. n I don’t like it when u hide things from me.. love u shona.”. n gave a side hug.. I din’t know what to say or how to react so I just said okay n continued sitting there for a while..
neither of us spoke a word .. it was not the comforting silence that I had felt with the nighmare guy… I was not at was an awkward moment n so finally we decided to call it a day and head home…
I saw the nightmare guy waiting impatiently at my door step..he looked troubled for some reason ..

his point of view –
I saw her returning but she was not her usual self.. she seemed different tday and I don’t like seeing her like this..she had jus abruptly ended our meeting on my birthday n then dint turn up for 2 days so I decided to check on her .as I could feel as if something was wrong .. i went up to her and asked her the reason of her being worried..

her point of view –
I now felt torn between my brain and my heart.. my brain told me to stay away from this guy because my boy friend dint like it. but my heart longed for him..I dint noe wad to say to him when he came up to me.. so I decided to ignore him…that was the solution to all the problems at that time .. so with a heavy heart I told him that our friendship was a mistake… n m really sry for hurting n I hope that our paths never cross again..

his point of view
I couldn’t believe it….. she was calling our connection to be a mistake.. how cud she..??
I wish I knew what had happened in these two days… but still …I respect her decision and will never force her…so I jus noddedd n left …all this while hoping that she would stop me but she didn’t …

Is it the end of the story ??

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    Y r u seperating them yaar????????????……but anyways…update nxt part asap……..i’m going mad…thinking about what will happen nxt……asusual awesome epi….loved it???❤❤❤

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