Humrahi ( segment 13 )


these few days were too long and dint seem to paas… hours felt like days .. days felt like years..
finally the day arrived for which we had been waiting for his birthday
as usual I gotup in the morning fresh as a daisy … brushed vigouroysly … bathed n clothed myself and went off towards the river side …
to my surprise he wasn’t there so I thought of decorating the place up ..I gathered a bunch of flowers …some grass .. n leaves and decorated the nearabouts of my favourite tree..soon I saw him cming he was wearing a blue T-shirt with black jeans . n a thought passed my mind wishing that I be the tshirt close to his body hugging .. and instantly my arms and my body craved for a hug from him…
his point of view –
as soon as I reached the place I saw her decorating the place … n wondered as to why was she takin so much efforts to which my heart replied idiot she is doing all this for u.. n a small smile crept on my face.. I had never felt this important before ..
. I slowly n steadily walked up to her soaking her beauty in my each step..but stopped a while wen I saw her staring at me .. I went numb .. I don’t know what to do… part of me wanted to run away … but the part supported me to keep moving ahead… I could still feel her gaze on me when I reached her..
her point of view –
I somehow tried to control my urge to hug him and was just staring at him point blank wen suddenly out of the blue he said come let’s venture out into the woods.. like an adventure trip ..I was scared at first bt then his persuation won n soon I was following him into the woods..
his point view –
I saw her getting scared at first but then she agreed and soon we were heading deep into the forest..I was leading n she was following me.. I tell u these girls are real slow pokes .. we walked and walked till we reach a clearing .. I went and sat on the big rock.. she came behind ..i was observing her from the corner of my eye..she was searchin fr something .. I told her that we were alone on this trek and there was no one there.. but her answer surprised me ..
her point of view –
he told me that there was no one in the woods but I couldn’t believe him I had to look for him .. I had to see Tarzan .. I had to find my first love .. and today was the chance n I was not letting it go..I kept pacing here and there furiously thinking of ways to call him..then it struck me .. I had made sandwhhiches and maybe that could attract my tarzan to me..
I quickly opened my back pack and removed the foil .. I offered him and he gladly took it..
then I took one for myself and left the other on the rock hoping that my tarzan would come soon…I always thought Mowgli grew up to become both lived in the jungle..
so in a way I loved both..I slowly began eating my hour passed maybe more but my Tarzan did not come ..suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and I was broken from my trance.. I looked up to see the nightmare guy staring at me worriedly…

oh no…??

Credit to: Stoneheart

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