Humrahi ( segment 12 )


I got up with a sudden jolt.. I had seen the dream again … and again we were at the same place.. only me and the nightmare guy..oh God… why..??uuuurrrgghhh ….
I thought of distraction …n switched on the TV  . all the programs showed either love stories or s*x..fed up I switched off the TV and opened my diary and began writing
dear diary –

I saw the dream again .. yea n I don’t know y I keep seeing him in my dream there has to be an answer for it ..soon I grew tired wrackin my brain and dozed off on my table …
in the morning I decided to visit the river side and asked him for my answers … to my surprise he was already there ….
I saw him staring blankly as the water… trying to gauge his mood I slowly moved towards him… but to my horror my leg slipped n I fell in the water .. I dint noe how to swim and thus began panicking… i was drowning…but suddenly two pairs of strong hands gripped my waist and I could feel my body relax….he caught me with all his might like his life depended on it .. soon after lot of difficulty we were out in the dry … I clutched his shirt in my fist as tightly as I could partially cause I was scared  partially because I was cold…

his point of view –

I saw her slippin into the water and I totally lost it .  I dived in to save her.. I don’t knoe why and dont know what but something within me gave me the encouragement and without givin a second thought I jumped into the water and caught hold of her waist ..her smooth skin came in contact with my hands and again I felt electricity run through my body .. but soon I realised that she was drowning I pulled her with all my might as if she was something really precious and if i let go then I would loose something forever
I pulled her out of the water .. she was cold and scared  . she hugged me .. I felt relief as if all the broken pieces of my body were coming together ..  broken I dint remember when … but it felt as if it was the perfect thing .. and the perfect moment … I hugged her back.. and asked her to calm down and promised her that I was there for her and will always be there for her …time passed and she began to cryas her tears fell one by one..I felt as if someone pierced my heart with a sharp knife one blow after another…I hugged her tightly to soothe her..

kuch na kaho … kuch b na kaho by sanam palys in the bagroud ..
her point of view –
we sat there clinging to each other as our dear life depended on it …
I so wanted to ask him my question from last night but somehow couldn’t gather up the courage to do so… nor could I spoil this moment which was beautiful..
I wondered what he will think after I asked him the question ….will he think of me as a despo??…or will he think of me as a flirt..??
no …I could let him think wrong about Me so I dropped the idea of asking him about it..n jus thanked him and got up to leave but when ..

his point of view –

should I ask her ?? no dude cmon don’t spoil it .. wad is she gonna think about u ..she think of u like a dumbass who is so girly thinking every thing way too much and it could be just a coincidence not a big deal ..get over it man ..
n suddenly I felt her stirring …she was getting up to leave .. oh no not so soon …. but I couldn’t stop her ..wad will she think of me .? like some desperate guy who wants to get his hands on her.. so I got up too… she muttered a weak thanks maybe still shaken by the fall and the drowning thing
.. she was about to leave… heart screamed out to me to stop her ..but my brain resisted..and then again a war started between yes and no… finally my heart won but with my brains support…I asked whether I could get drop her home…

her point of view

omg I can’t believe it he asked me wether he can drop me home .. of course he can .. I was hoping that he would ask me to stay back but .. anyways he wants to drop me and what could be better than that .. I guess they say something is better than nothing .. and yea he was dropping me home ..
they walked in silence to her home stealing glances at each other when the other was not looking and finally reached their destination ..her house…
it was simple yet beautiful..just like her.. she asked him for a coffee to which he politely declined and headed honewards…promising her that they shall meet soon on his birthday …

Why did he save her ?? Out of humanity or something something

Credit to: Stoneheart

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