Humrahi ( segment 11 )


.. i excused myself from my boy friend and headed towards the river side… it was deserted…as usual no one was there… not even him … I thought to to sit for a while and wait for him … maybe he will come … I waited waited..
I don’t know why and don’t know for how long but every second expecting him to come … I grew tired n restless … and finally gave up and decided to head home wen it started to get dark… as I was leaving I saw something familiar .. maybe him…I thought maybe I was hallucinating as I had waited for him for too long and thus headed home…
his point of view –

I finally finished all my work and headed towards the lake to take my answers from her .. I don’t know but I think i just felt that she must be there right now… as I reached I saw her leavin  . she dint even look at me
… or maybe she did and ignored me… I don’t know why… but I felt bad at her ignorance …. or maybe bad about her not noticing me.. I don’t know and m really not sure .. the more I think the more I get confused so I decided to just drop the topic and enjoy the beauty of the place ..
her point of view –

I reached home and finally settled on my bed for a shut eye ..  I really needed rest from my hot and happening life ..  I needed my cooling time .. or else i would blast …I closed my eyes ..and tried to sleep but the question kept running my mind . 
I finally decided to answer it by saying that maybe it was just a passing thought and no biggie so I should just leave it at that ..some things don’t have an answer..and I dozed off…

Why are they so restless..?

Credit to: Stoneheart

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