Humrahi ( segment 10 )


his point of view –
I woke up wen the sun was makin my skin burn with its bright rays .. I saw to the other side. she was not there .. she had gone .. I wondered whether she had seen me … wether she knew the reason y I was here … I decided to ask her the next time I saw her on the river side .. n headed homewards .
her point of view –

I reached my room and quickly opened my diary and began writing
dear diary
today I met or rather saw him again … yea the nightmare guy .. he was looking  so cute and adorable while sleeping … just like a rabbit… I don’t know why but my hands started to touch his hair … I don’t know y but something within me asked me to do it … i don’t know y … maybe I should asked him… he would noe the ans .. and I continued with my train of I don’t know why ..
I took a deep breath and closed the diary and headed ahead for my days routine …
my so called boyfriend called me he said what happened was all his mistake and he was really sry … he would not repeat it again …

I told him that I needed some time .. and that I would talk to him later…. he kept sending me emotional messages that read like
baby I am extremely sorry I never meant to hurt u..  abh jb tk tum muze maaf nai karogi I would eat anything … shona pls maan jao na..
I love u jaan…

I switched off my phone as I was very angry n I needed my cooling time…
the next day I received a call from his friend  saying that he had cut his his hand and had become very weak as he hadn’t eaten anything since two days .. I was shocked.. I reached his house only to realise that he had become pale.. the friends excused themselves  .  and handed a plate of food and requested me to feed him … as soon as he saw me he began crying….crying profusely … I bandaged his arm and he engulfed me in his arms …askin me to forgive him all the time .. I slowly fed him the food and was about leave.. but then he stopped me and asked me to stay for a while n I unwillingly approved ..we hugged and he clunng onto me for I don’t know for how long …

all this while my mind kept thinkin abt the nightmare guy  ..  about my sudden progression … about my sudden urge to brush away his hair from his forehead… I thought of going to the river side on my way home hopin to see him so that I could ask him for my ans.

Guys just wanna say don’t emotionally blackmail your partner..because we don’t realise it but it adversely effects out relation… as the other person is made to do something which they wouldnt have ..!


Credit to: Stoneheart

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    1. hey k … thanks… m glad u liked it …

  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Its awesome bae……. luv ya?????

    1. thanks Natasha … ur appreciation means a lot

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  4. I really wish my mom read ur msg.. She always emotionally bm into going to our distant relatives home.. Its not dat i don’t lyk my relatives.. Its one particular boy who is my distant cousin who irritates me with all his boasting n flirting…yuck!
    I love ur writing style.. Simple and short.. U r always straight to d point widout exagerrating. U r a soul writer…

    1. thank u so much … ur compliment means a lot .

  5. It was sooo nyc story but vry short too..make a bit long yaar…

    1. thanks divya Rani I will try my best..!

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