Humrahi….Part 1


He said he loved her …
Loved her…wad exactly did he feel..abt her .?
Did he feel dedicated towards her.?.
But then he uttered smthing like limited flirting was cool..
again it made her wonder did he actuay love her or was just followin
“the tradition.” Of datin..
Whr u have this grl who u call urz but then again it becomes cool if u r
supposingly “polite” with others…
Again does that mean she was insufficient for him.. or the commonly
used “not my type” but then y did he tell her that loved her … she was broken
… actually why … she did the same flirting tradition ..but on a
smaller scale …
Then again she thought on the question wether he loved her or
not…and wether she loved him or not…then y were they together…??
Together only for the world at large but deep dwn they knew how lonely
they were.. n the flirting dint help at all..that was the saddest

Smethin that took everything away was not being useful..that was dissapointing
terribly sad..
Yet if they were so alone then y dint they come together..?
Was it beyond their ego..?
Beyond their ego or uncool to say to the other that she needed him..?
R was it below his dignity to  confide in her about his lonliness.?
But isnt the main aim of relationship is to remove lonliness from our
life and  get us to the light of togetherness.
Then y were they still in darkness of lonliness..??
Y was she lonesome..?


Credit to: stoneheart

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  1. Oh…so it’s uh stoneheart…
    It’s nice dear…! Do post soon

  2. Nice epi…waiting for nxt epi

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  5. Nice..awsm…waiting for nxt epi

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