Stoneheart presents Humrahi..
I wanted this to appear on the swaragini page as I am a big time varunholic.. and have even been inspired from a few writers of this page.. namely being meher ji ( kuch iss tarah & swasan a smile that stole my heart ) I love ur funny moments..still remember thanda thanda lagra hai..
bushra ji ( swasan u r mine..!! ) selfless love….. Anu ji .( destiny , fix you ,fixing broken souls & arranged to be his ) .. in love with your proposals and confessions….. shree harini ji ( acceptance ) thriller ..suspense .. mystery .. u name it and the story has it..
I have been varun kapoor fan from like humse hai life..! to swaragini including saraswatichandra
Humrahi is something very close to my heart because it’s the first time I have written something this writings in the past were restricted mostly to shayaris..
To be honest I dint write to get appreciation from people as i dont write for people.I write for myself….it’s just a way of spending time with myself ( sometimes u need great company too )..
To gather up courage and present Humrahi was a challenge and thankfully I dint have to face it alone as I had my friend Parth Joshi who kept reading my weird abstracts and guided me all along ..Yuvraj Karle to always remove me from a jam.he is a saviour… to Drona Panchal who taught me to listen to my heart …and finally my Best Friend … for whom this is a sort of Birthday he loves reading…. and my mom .who always supported and stood by me..
A dear friend of mine always says that one should listen to such a song that it touches ur heart it the music. the lyrics or the beatz.. …so I request you to please listen to the songs that I have been put in my they are there for a reason …
I am not adding any names or places in this story as I want you to feel it and live it…
Hope u will love humrahi as much as I do..!

Credit to: stoneheart

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    from Kabir to Sanskar… W8ng 4 ur ff..

  2. Nice re 😉
    Can’t wait for the whole story!!!


    *clap* *clap*

  3. I love your self determination yar..waiting for the story and all the best..courage is what a writer needs and there you have it 🙂

    1. thank you dafsi ji..

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