Humrahi Epilogue..!


Moon’s point of view –
I watched them come to the river side..
I always knew they had something between them…
i had realised that when they had come here the other night…she willingly and he unwillingly..
But i wonder what took them so many years to understand..but i guess as they
“Better late then never.”
He pulled her from the car and pinned her to her favourite tree and kissed her hungrilly..
She hesistated a bit so he pulled away and sat on their rock with his hands in his hair..
She came and kneeled down beside him..
He – i cant do this …. i wont be able to stop..
Her – but Baby thats what you want..
He – but Bacha ..its gonna hurt…i cant see your pain..
She just smiled and kissed him..
He pulled her on to his lap and they both stared at me for some time..
Yea i know i am looking good today as today is full moon day ..
But i dont understand why all these lovers stare at me..

Om Mangalam
Bhagwaan Vishnu
Mangalam garuda dhwaja jay jay
Om Mangalam pundreekaksham Manglaay tano Hari
He kissed her neck and down to her shoulders
Aaj ibaadat
Aaj ibaadat ru-ba-roo ho gai
Ru-ba-roo ho gai
She turned back and kissed him on his lips …forhead…and gave him a hug.
Jo mangi thi, jo mangi thi
Us duaa se guftagoo ho gai
Mere maula, mere maula
Mere maula, mere maula
tera shukriya

He picked her up and too her to the blanket under their favourite tree..
Aaj ibadat ru-ba-roo ho gai
Ru-ba-roo ho gai
Dard ke anderon se
Aa gaye ujaalon me
Ishq ke charago ka
Noor hai khayalo me
Dard ke andhero se
Aa gaye ujaalo meIshq ke charaagon ka
Nur hai khayalon me
Nazro se teri chaaq
Dil pe rafu ho gai
Dil pe rafu ho gai
Mere maula, mere maula
Mere maula, mere maula tera shukria

She – i want to tell you something..about…my..past..
He silenced her with a kiss and whispered in her ears that past dint matter and they were here to make beautiful new memories..

Aaj ibaadat ru-ba-roo ho gai
Om Mangalam Bhagwaan Vishnu (maula)
Mangalam garuda dhwaja jay jay (maula)
Om Mangalam pundreekakshamManglaay tano Hari Maula..
I hid behind the clouds to give the love birds some privacy but the wind told me that when they became one in body that night they both had tears in their eyes with a smile on their face…
Him – Adhoori saans thi, dhadkan adhoori thi, adhoore hum … magar ab chaand poora hai falak pe … aur ab poore hai hum

Wirh that he kissed her forhead..
Crazy isnt it…but i guess that what love makes you do…
Go crazy but only for the person you love….!
With the last episode of Humrahi
i stoneheart would like to thank some sincere readers who stood by me and helped Humrahi become something more than just a story…
Divyarani..Anya …Anuann…Anu…Shiksha..Sree deeksha..kumu..tammanna and ofcourse Anjali.

Credit to: Stoneheart

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  1. Nice ending..

    1. thanks mahjabeen..

  2. Anjali30

    Sweetheart…. I loved this….the moon pov… was just perfectttt…. I am so in love with this ff….???????

    It was superb ????
    Will miss it a lot ?????

    But more than the ff… I love youuuuu….

    Thnxxx for giving us such a lovely story ???

    1. awwwwiiee thanku sho much you too..

  3. Awww sooo sweet. lv it vry much.. Im a fan f ur ff.. Lv u.. Be hpy always..

    1. thank u chanu

  4. Lucky

    Wow nice dr..

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  5. nyc ending..loved it..will miss u and ur ff..
    come back

    1. thankz kumu

  6. It was an awesome ff.. Loved it dear.. Now gonna miss u for sure.. Hope u will be back with another swasan ff.. Take care and stay blessed

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much shree

  7. Tamanna

    Hey nice…n thanks for taking my name….. But y did you end it so soon…
    Plz write any other ff soon

    1. Stoneheart

      Yes sure..thanks

  8. a perfect endng dear…u r such a talented writer….i appreciate ur courage..dat ki i thnk many of ur chptrs u got less still u continue ur stry..i really loved d fact dat ki u r not a comment digger……
    u r such a talented writer..i loved ur ff…i ws a silent reader of ur ff…nw i wanna broke my silence….ur way of writng is fabulous…i always remember ireenaz don nd his roma while readng ur syry although dese two hav diff concept…bt i found smthng similar..d way of writng nd perfection is similar in both ff…i loved it alot..
    plz its a request..plz write a swasan os

    1. thank u so much pari..i am glad u decided to break the silence ..

  9. Awesome
    I will miss this ff
    This ff was close to my heart

    1. thank u so much shagun

  10. Awww stoneheart no need any thankx bcoz u deserve our appreciation as u did splendid job by giving us such a adorable lovestory of swasan…wid lot of hurdles romance emotions and wat not…am feeling vry sad as i cant see or read dis ff as it got blissful end which bought a smile to my face…n da way u portraid sanskaars character is just amazing..his pure n pious love..all i can say one thng is am gonna miss u and dis heavenly story soooo much…

    1. thank u so much divyarani u made my day

      1. If u don’t mind….may i know ur actual name….

    2. pragya

  11. Awesome episode.
    I really loved ur ff from d beginning.
    I’m really honoured. I couldn’t resist my self from commenting late,though I read it when it was nearly 15 mins. from when I appeared.
    I would be very glad to know u came up with another ff.
    Do continue writing. Plz come up with a new ff(only if u r free,I do understand abt d busy schedules,v have).
    Keep writing.
    Stay Blessed.

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  13. Anisha

    I was a silent reader
    Stoneheart love you so much for this wonderful story ???
    Stay blessed
    And come up with a new one
    Will be waiting ????

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  14. Aahna

    awsm…..soon come wid ur new story..

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  15. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one yaar…. luv u… hope u will cm wid new ff…. eagerly waiting for it….

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      Thanks sree deeksha

    1. thanks anu

  16. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. You have a different skill from other writers..come back soon with another ff

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  17. loved d whole journey

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