Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare Review: Funny, apt and a decent family entertainer


Star Plus new show Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare started airing on 6th June 2016 at 8.30 pm slot. The show has replaced the show Silsila Pyaar Ka. This brings a love story of a rich and under confident guy with the smart and over confident middle class girl. The characters here are given a different touch, so that their love story would deal with their complex family backgrounds and linked emotions later. The female lead is a new actress Ishani Sharma. She is playing Anokhi’s character, opposite Qubool Hai’s star Varun Toorkey who is playing Tushar’s role.


Tushar belongs to a rich family, whereas Anokhi would belong to a middle class family. Anokhi will become a part of Tushar’s life by joining his business as accountant. She gets confused over Tushar and Kunal’s identities. She assumes the manager Kunal as Tushar Malik, and Tushar as a manager. But gradually, she falls in true love with Tushar, irrespective of his background.

Main Characters:

humko1She is not a simple and shy girl, but a very fun loving, smart and opportunity seeker girl. She is good at heart, funny, dreamy and has much great expectations from her life. She knows to lie sometimes and manipulate things in her favor, but would not harm anyone for her motives. Anokhi has her own mantras in her life. She follows her life’s set of fundamentals. She is really different and named appropriately Anokhi. She is very ambitious and knows to make her own path towards her dreams. She belongs to a middle class family, and hopes to get rich some day. Anokhi is very practical and full of life.


humko40He is a simple, shy, decent and under confident guy. He belongs to a rich family, but is never allowed to live freely and take decisions independently. He suppresses her feelings all the time. Tushar feels bad when none supports him and he gets scoldings by his Dadu. Tushar is hardworking, sensible and earthy guy. He is completely opposite of Anokhi. He mostly stays depressed and bears the burdens of the high expectations his family has from him. Tushar Malik lives very simplistic life and very obedient. His family is his priority. He is not clever or scheming guy. He is just into his own world.


Ishani Sharma as Anokhi Tilak Mehra
Varun Toorkey as Tushar Malik
Ankur Verma as Kunal
Sudhir Pandey as Dadu
Abha Parmar as Dadi
Sujata Sanghamitra as Vrinda
Saptrishi Ghosh as Anokhi’s dad
Sheetal Dhabolkar
Avinash Sahijwani
Vishal Malhotra

Story So Far:

humko2Anokhi is seen as a big dreamer, wherein she dreams to win the KBC contest. Later, a little insight about her family is shown. Her parents don’t get along well. Her mum Vrinda always wanted to live a non-adjusting life and could not fulfill her desires. Vrinda wants to get Anokhi married in a rich family. Anokhi’s brother Gautam is getting married to his love Priyanka, who happens to be Anokhi’s best friend. Anokhi finds hard to arrange a new lehenga for her. While her dad suggests her to borrow a Lahenga from Priyanka, her mum asks her to buy a new one. Anokhi tries some new lahengas and wants to purchase one that falls in her budget.

humko31Tushar’s family is introduced then. They are rich and have a business background. Everyone except Tushar’s dad is seen. Dadu is a miser, and very keen of saving money everywhere. Tushar’s mum is typical attiture thrower rich lady, while Dadi and Dadi share a sweet romantic bond. Dadu gives an ad for an accountant. Anokhi and Vrinda do not have enough cash to buy Lahenga and leave from the shop by an excuse. Anokhi takes some selfies and spots Tushar. She assumes he is trying to commit suicide. She rushes to save him and shouts for help. They both fall down. He calls her mad to think he is committing suicide. He tells her that he was not bending down to get his coin. Anokhi apologizes to him.

humko3Anokhi welcomes the guests in her Gautam’s marriage. She dances in Gautam and Priyanka’s wedding. Tushar’s mum Nikita also attends the function. Nikita stumbles and her ring falls down. Anokhi helps her, but Nikita thinks Anokhi was stealing it. Some guests joke on Vrinda’s jewelry and Anokhi’s old dress. Anokhi lies about the dress being from Malik and sons shop. Priyanka’s mum Rajni introduces Nikita to Vrinda. Nikiti wonders about the dress and introduces herself as the owner of Malik and sons shop. Anokhi tells her that the dress is just a replica they have seen at Malik and sons shop. Nikita acts rude and humiliates Anokhi. Anokhi’s dad asks Anokhi not to be upset. He shows a guy to Anokhi for fixing her marriage. Vrinda gets angry and asks him not to get any middle class guys proposals for Anokhi.

humko13Anokhi goes to impress Nikita and serves her chicken dish. Nikita gets angry and shouts that she doesn’t eat non veg. Anokhi tells Vrinda that their plan backfired, but she heard Nikita talking to her son Tushar, he is coming here to give shagun envelope. Tushar gets money on the bed, and thinks it belongs to Dadi. Anokhi and Vrinda go to see Nikita’s son and gets mistaken seeing some other guy Kunal. They think he is Tushar and invite him.

humko18Kunal is actually Malik’s manager, and congratulates them. Kunal leaves after getting a call. Tushar gives the money to Dadi. Dadi asks him to buy a new phone. Tushar tells her that Dadu does not like cheating. Tushar goes to keep the money back in Dadu’s locker. Dadu sees him and thinks Tushar was stealing money. Dadu slaps Tushar and scolds him a lot. He calls Tushar a thief and yells. Tushar tells him that he was just keeping money back. Dadi defends Tushar. Tushar gets emotionally hurt as Dadu called him thief and apologizes to Dadu. Tushar hugs Dadi and lightens his heart.

humko4Vrinda is angry as her husband did not accept the automatic washing machine. She demands dowry from Rajni. He asks her to focus on Bidaai first. Dadi cheers up Tushar and they share an icecream. Vrinda argues with her husband over the washing machine. Vrinda gets annoyed with Anokhi for fooling her and supporting others. The new bahu Priyanka gets a bad welcome at home, by the arguments over the machine. Anokhi recalls his childhood and realizes the value of money in life.

humko5Anokhi is tired of seeing her parents’ fight. She finds a job vacancy ad in the newspaper. At home, Nikita, Tushar, Dadu and Kunal have a talk. Kunal accompanies Dadu for a meeting and asks Tushar to see the interview. Anokhi gets ready for the interview and talks to Tushar over phone, to get the address clear. Anokhi reaches Malik house and finds the house very huge. Anokhi sits waiting for her turn for the interview, and goes to have icecream. She tastes icecreams of all flavors and does not buy anything. Tushar is also present there at icecream shop and sees her cleverness. They have an argument at the icecream shop. She lies to him that she got the job. Tushar buys icecream for her and congratulates her. She thanks him, and sees a poor girl staring at the icecream. Anokhi gives icecream to that poor girl. Tushar smiles seeing Anokhi.

humko12Priyanka’s mu dikhai happens. Vrinda asks Priyanka not to refuse for any gift from the guests. Anokhi gets to know the interview got over, and gets mistaken that Tushar got the job. Anokhi still tries to get the job and tells about proving herself to her dad. Tushar hears her. Anokhi then meets the appointed guy. She lies to him and makes him leave showing some better job ad. She wonders what is Tushar doing here in Malik’s office. Rajni gets the washing machine for Vrinda. Vrinda gets super happy and finds Priyanka lucky for her.

humko20Tushar tells Anokhi that candidate is finalized. Anokhi is confident that she will give interview again and get selected. Anokhi asks Tushar who is he, why is he questioning her. She thinks Tushar is the manager Kunal. He finds her confusing and takes her interview. Nikita goes to office to take the interview. Tushar asks Anokhi does she believe in love. Before she answers, he gets a call and goes. Anokhi’s parents are still arguing over their financial stability. Tushar sees Anokhi sleeping in the office and wakes her up. They both feel a current by their touch. Tushar tells her that she is selected. She happily dances. She sees a lizard and jumps. Nikita sees Anokhi there and gets to know she is the new accountant. She asks Tushar could he not get anyone else. Anokhi falls in Nikita’s feet and convinces her for the job by praising Nikita.

humko21Tushar congratulates Anokhi. She thanks him, assuming he is Kunal. Anokhi tells her family about the job. Vrinda gets glad. Tushar tells Kunal about Anokhi’s confusion. Kunal asks Tushar why didn’t you clear the confusion. Tushar tells Kunal about finding a spark in Anokhi. Tushar feels Anokhi is different and does not value money. Kunal asks do you like her and is sure that Tushar is liking Anokhi. Kunal is happy for Tushar’s new found happiness. Anokhi tells about her interview to Vrinda and Priyanka. Vrinda asks Anokhi to impress Nikita and maybe she can become Nikita’s bahu. Kunal asks Tushar to keep this confusion for sometime, as something interesting can happen.

humko29Anokhi gets excited to meet the head of the Malik Family, Dadu. Dadu fixes Tushar’s marriage with a rich girl Parul. Dadi asks Nikita not to tell Tushar anything now. Vrinda asks Priyanka to give her gold earrings to Anokhi. Anokhi refuses to take the earrings, and goes to prepare for next day. Dadu tells Tushar that he will fire the new accountant if she does not come on time. Anokhi reaches late. Tushar tells her she is late. She asks him not to behave like owner, when he is just a manager.

humko43Gautam stops Rajni from talking to Vrinda about the machine. Gautam bought the washing machine and presented by Rajni’s name. Gautam’s dad is proud of him. Priyanka finds Vrinda’s behavior changing towards her. Anokhi waits to meet Tushar, and assumes Kunal to be Tushar. She finds him handsome and imagines dancing with Kunal, getting engaged to him with a big diamond ring. She realizes it was her dream, and just then Tushar introduces himself as Tushar Malik, which shocks Anokhi.

Our Take:

humko42Yet another practical love story and family drama concept from Star Plus. None of the good shows survived at this 8.30 PM slot on the channel. This show looks different and promising enough to survive at this prime slot. The USP of the show remains the lead characterizations of super-bubbly Anokhi and calm and composed Tushar. Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey shine in their portrayals. Ankur Verma as Kunal fits the concept well and justifies his role. The supporting cast in undoubtedly convincing, having biggies like Sudhir Pandey.

humko26The families are depicted well. The middle class and rich family backgrounds come up with the pressures, expectation, need and all the emotions related to the financial status. The leads chemistry is good and has spark. The concept of two lovers from different class of society is not something new. But here, the characters of the leads make the difference. The show brings realistic approach, practicality, sweetness and innocence in the leads’ characters. This will drive the show ahead and maintain its charm. The confusion of Tushar and Kunal adds some fun and cute moments between Anokhi and Tushar.


humko10It is promising love story with dramatic family tracks. It gives a realistic view of both the families, rich and poor. The concept will raise a question, of valuing money or relations. Anokhi would be choosing her love and follow her heart, than valuing money. The chemistry between Ishani and Varun would be seen more in upcoming episodes. It’s a good family entertainer.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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