Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-9


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Ragini was waiting for laksh in canteen as laksh went to meet swara…after a while laksh came with swara nd introduced swara to ragini…
Swara:u r looking beautiful
Ragini(smiles):thank u..u too looking pretty
Swara:thank u..laksh always talking about u…
Ragini smiles..they had some talking..swaRag shares good bond within short time..
Swara:really u r so sweet as laksh told..i like u very much..can i call u darling(swara called like this whome she likes)
Ragini nodded with a smile.
After a while swara leaves…raglak wr coming out of d canteen….ragini leg slips..before she falling laksh holds her….this is seen by rohan who was coming canteen…..

@san cls
Rohan came to sanskar nd his gang..

Rohan:sanskar u said correct
Sanskar:what i said
Rohan:about ragini
Sanskar:ragini?what ragini
Rohan(sad face):she had boyfriend
Sanskar(shocked) mean how do u knw
Rohan:i saw when im going to canteen..they wr very close…
Rohan:what no
Sanskar:i think u r mistaken
Rohan:no yar…seeing them i felt like this..btw y r u reacting this much..i should only feel na…
Sanskar was numb he dnt knw how to react but he was hurted hearing this…he says in ming no he was mistaken i knw about ragini..she cant do like that…

Sanskar came nd throws bag nd roaming here nd there…ragini came to room…sanskar in mind should i asks her about him but what can i can i ask..while ragini goes to washroom to get fresh…she came after fresh…
Ragini looks at him surprisingly as he called her first time sweetly..
Sanskar(he dnt knw how to ask):vo..vo…how is ur day in clg
Ragini(felt weired seeing his behavior):good

Sanskar:how is ur friend
Sanskar:ha u told me u have a is she
Ragini(she doesnt think what he will feel..she dont want to hide anything): not she..he
Ragini:ha his name was laksh…when i went to my first cls no one can give me a place to sit..he only give…nd in my cls no one can talk with me as im not modern like them..except him
Sanskar:oh k…
Saying he goes to washroom…but he was restless…he says to himself..he was jst friend sanskar y r u thinking so much….btw y its matter to u sanskar…ha y its matter to me..i dnt care about her..he takes a deep breath..nd get fresh nd goes out……

Sujatha asks ragini to have dinner..ragini told i will have after sanskar cme…sujatha says he called me ,he went to some party with his friends..he will be late..u have…ragini nodded nd had dinner

@ragsan room
Ragini was waiting for sanskar…she thinks about sanskar soft behavior towards her recently…she feels happy…
Sanskar came with drunk….ragini was shocked..she moves towards him who was trembling…ragini holds him to support..
Ragini:r u drunk

Ragini:y did u drunk…if mami knws this..she will feel bad…sanskar in half sense..she takes him nd
makes him lie on bed..but sanskar gets up..ragini asks kya hua…sanskar says i want to go washroom…she helps him to getdown frm bed..seeing his trembling she takes him inside washroom nd about leave sanskar holds her hand..ragini looks at him…sanskar pulls her..she landed on his chest…they have eyelock…sanskar opened d shower..ragini doesnt sensed it as she was lost in his eyes which she finds new feelings in his eyes for her….both r drenched… sanskar remembers rohan words..he pulls her even more close….ragini came sense by his tightening grip…
Ragini: sanskar

Ragini:leave me
Ragini stunned by his question…nd sees he was not in his sense..she pushed him lightly nd about to go..sanskar holds her again nd drags her nd pins her to d wall..ragini was breathing heavily as sanskar was very close to her..his hot breath touches her face…he leans to her lips…nd about to kiss..ragini stops him…
Ragini:leave me
Sanskar:y should i leave..u r my wife..i have right on u..Ragini(feels happy listening wife word frm his mouth):but sanskar..this is not right
Sanskar:y u loves me na

Ragini:u r not in sense..u dnt knw what u r doing
Sanskar:who told u im not in in sense..i knw what im doing…
Ragini:but sa
Sanskar(placed his fingers on her lips):shhhh
Ragini was helpless ,she dont knw what to do…his touch makes her weak…..sanskar drags her under shower…he became crazy seeing her in wet saree…he sensuously running his finger on her face…then he slowly leaned her face nd kissed her both eyes..then her lips hardly…ragini holds his shirt tightly…after a while she gets sense nd tries to go..sanskar cant let her go..he pulls her back hitted his chest….ragini “sanskar plz “..
Sansksr not in a mood to listen…he removes her wet hair frm her right side of her neck nd nuzzled her neck with his nose….ragini gasped sanskar name…sanskar kissed her nape which makes ragini lost her control…..sanskar unpins her pallu nd unrapped her saree…he takes her to bed..ragini tries to stop him..but she falls weak…he kissed her throat ragini clutched bedsheet…finally they consumated their marriage…..

I knw all will shock by their unexpected consumation..but its needed to stry…

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  1. Richa19

    Lovely!!!!! Loved sans jealousy but I really hope the next morning he remembers everything otherwise I can’t even imagine what rag will feel ….. .. It was superb dear… Please update soon n keep smiling!!! ??

  2. Zelena81196

    amazing…. can’t wait for the next chapter… so update soon….

  3. Wow awesome….I hope sanskar will not shout on her for this…Plz don’t separate them

  4. Sreevijayan

    Ragini is gona get heartbreak…. bcz sanskar wil regret it ..dt wil b vry sad bt awesome update dr……

  5. Oh my god?? Don’t make any rift between them yaar awesome redeem love it to the core..

  6. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn’t expect this. Awesome. Now I am waiting to see how sanky is gonna react about the consummation.

  7. that was totally hot

  8. Sindhura

    Awesome post soon as tomortiw and day after tomorrow holidays

  9. Silent_writer

    Omg zor ka jhatka haye zoro se laga

  10. Super episode…plz update soon..

  11. Jazzy

    amazing and i also didnt thought so waiting for next part update soon and happy new year in advance

  12. Awesome . Loved it . Can u plz upload next episode today .
    Only if u don’t mind.

  13. Nice epi….

  14. AMkideewani

    Awesome, but i hope Sanky realises his love for Ragini???

  15. Superb

  16. Yes really I didn’t expect this…fantastic

  17. MI_MAHI

    Superb….. dear…loved it….

  18. actually now I can’t wait plzzzz next part soon as it’s become so interesting next part soon

  19. Moni_ragz

    Awesome…… sanskar is in haf sense.. wt wil happn wen he gt full sense..? Hope he doesnt blame ragini

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  22. Asw

    Nice feel sad for Ragini when sanskar realise his mistake keep going

  23. Asra

    awesome dear….hope Sanky didn’t scold ragini for thz…eagerly waiting for nxt one..tkcr dear….

  24. I’m waiting for next update …Plz update soon…

  25. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it so much

  26. Rasha

    really it’s very shocking.. after long back u r coming & giving shock next shock ah.. I didn’t expect this , feel like it’s so early coz they r young still they would have got some time..

  27. A.xx

    Amazing and feel bad for rags as i think he will behave as it was a mistake and he didn’t mean it in the morning.loved it and love his jealousy but want to see a slightly more modern rags than before after
    This xx

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  29. Hemalattha

    loved it yaar. awesome dear . sanskaar’s jealous and possessiveness amazing. ragsan’s romantic scene superb.

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