Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-4


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Episode 3

Ragini was getting ready ,she wears yellow color chudidar she plated her hair,she kept bindi nd about to put sindhur ,sanskar who was jst comes out frm d washroom stops her…ragini looks at him with questioning face…sanskar said u r going to college no need to put all these ,remove ur mangalsutra also…ragini holds her mangalsutra nd said no i cant remove it…sanskar said u can if u go like this all will taunt u..ragini said i dnt care but i cant remove…sanskar said this is not a village ,do as what i say….nd one more thing u should not tell anyone in clg that im ur
husband ,in clg we r strangers got it…ragini nodded with annoyed face…ragini removed her mangalsutra with teary eyes…
after ragsan got ready,they had bf….
Sujatha asks sanskar to take ragini with u to college…sanskar leaves clg without listening sujatha…ram said let that idiot leave ,im hena princess i will drop u…sujatha feeds curd with suger to ragini after bid bye to sujatha ,ramrag leaves….

Sanskar sits with his friends(Rohan ,Vinay ,Kavya) nd they r ragging juniors…..ragram reached clg…ragini gets nervous ,ram said dnt be tense ,ragini smiles weakly..ram kissed her forehead nd leaves while saying tc….ragini entered college nd sees all girls r modern outfits,she was hell nervous)sanskar sees her nd said with his friends its enough for today lets go for classes yar…
Rohan:still it has time for classes
Kavya:guys see some behanji was coming(she said pointing towards ragini)
Sankar:leave her na what will do this behanji
Kavya:see what i will do…she calls ragini
Ragini(looks at them ,seeing sanskar she felt happy but she remembered sanskar words nd gets sad)
Kavya:come here
Ragini moves to them with scared face…sanskar felt bad seeing her..

Kavya:what is ur name
Ragini:ragini sa(she stops seeing sanskar who was glares at her)
Kavya:what ragini sa..
Ragini:my name is ragini
Rohan:sweet name
Sanskar glared at rohan
Kavya:what will we do with her
Vinay:sing one song
Ragini looks at sanskar ,he stands helplessly…
Kavya:come on sing

Ragini(being scared):vo…vo
Kavya:stop blabbering sing or else u will get punishment..
All r looking at her ,ragini starts singing Samjhawan(frm humpty sharma ki dulhania)…all r shocked as they dnt expect that she will sang very well …sanskar was not shocked as he knows she sings well…..
Kavya(in mind oh god she sang superbly i have to give her tough task)
Ragini stops singing,rohan ,vinay claps…kavya glares at them they stops…
Sanskar:k now u can go
Kavya(stops her):not easily ragini..
Sanskar:let her go na kavya
Kavya:k last task..u should
Ragini looks at her innocently..
Kavya:now u should kiss one boy in clg..
Ragsan shocked nd looks at eo

Sanskar:kavya what r u can she
Kavya:what happend to u sanskar..we already did with some girls na
Sanskar::ha but she was not like that type
Kavya:i dnt understand ,y r u overreacting about her
Sanskar :its not like that kavya,plz leave her
Kavya:no ,she looks at ragini and ask her to kiss fast
Ragini:no i wont do it
Kavya:yes u have to do

Ragini jst stands ,all r looking at her expecting whom will she kiss….ragini sees around nd she goes to sanskar nd kissed his cheek(she did it fastly) nd runs while blushing..all r stands with mouth open widely..sanskar touched his cheek while all r looking at him shockingly…
Kavya(in mind how dare she ,she kissed my sanskar(she loves sanskar),i will not leave her…
Vinay:i cant expected this yar
Rohan:me too yar,she looks behanji but she was very beautiful nd her voice was so sweet…
Sanskar doesnt like rohan statement about ragini …

@ragini cls
Ragini entered class ,all r teasing her by calling behanji…ragini controls herself…ragini was trying to sit but no one can ready to give her place..ragini feels bad..finally she goes to last bench where one boy is there…the boy takes his bag which was his beside nd asks her to sit…ragini sits…
boy:dnt bother about them ,they wr like this only…
Ragini smiles lil..
boy:hi. im laksh maheswari..
Ragini:im ragini
Prof came nd started classes…
Its eveng..Classes got over…ragini waits for auto imfront of clg..laksh came with his bike nd asks her may i drp u…ragini said politely no thanks …laksh leaves…after a while she too leaves in auto..
@sanskar’s house
Ragini came …sujatha sees her nd asks her to get fresh i will bring coffee…ragini nodded ,she gets fresh ,she wears simple saree(which she wore in serial at night)…she wears her mangalsutra nd sindhur…sujatha brings coffee for her nd asksd ragini did she liked d clg…
Ragini :ha mami but

Sujatha:but ,kya hua
Ragini told everything to sujatha what had happend in clg(about ragging ,nd kiss nd laksh)
Sujatha(smiles):u kissed sanskar in clg
Sujatha:but im angry on sanskar
Ragini:y mami
Sujatha:y is he doesnt said anything when his friends raged u..
Ragini:no mami ,he said to leave me but they didnt ..plz dnt angry on sanskar nd dnt say anything to sanskar plz mami plz
Sujatha(smiled seeing her love towards sanskar):k
After chit chatting they went to kitchen for make dinner….sanskar came nd got fresh ,ram to came…

All r having dinner

Ram:princess ,how was ur first day at clg ,is everything k ,did anybody raged u
Ragini looks at sanskar who was signalling her to tell no..sujatha about to speak ragini who was sits beside sujatha sqeezes her hand nd said no mamu everything is fine..
They completed din

@ragsan room
Ragini gave milk to sanskar nd said sorry…
Sanskar(sternly):its k
Ragini happy as she kissed him bur he doesnt get angry….
After an hour ragini was sleeping ,sanskar was chit chatting with friends in mbl..suddenly heavy wind blows which causes ragini saree moves aside frm her belly…sanskar who was get up frm bed to close windows sees her ,unknowingly his gaze fell on her bare belly…he walks towards her without knowlege him…he looks at her face which was so cute nd innocent ,he lost it..he came to reality when window doors r banged due to wind…

he quickly get up nd says to himself what happend to u sanskar ,what r u doing after scolding himself he closed d window door nd sits in bed..but again his gaze fell on her silky waist ,he closed his eyes nd said no sanskar this is wrong ,how can u…he opened his eyes nd moves towards ragini nd covers her with blanket ,after taking deep breath he sleeps….

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