Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-37

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Ragsan with ayaan comes to swalak house as they r going to Mumbai leaving they thought to visit them once….swara welcomes them..they chit chatted for sometim nd laksh told they
r expecting their second child..
Ragsan gets happy nd congratulated them…
Ayaan:mumma papa..what happened y r u both congratulaing them..
Sanskar:bcz they r giving a small bro/sis to sara..
Swara nodded..
Ayaan:then for me..i also want choti
Ragsan looks at eo..
Laksh:dont wry ayaan..u will also get(he winks at ragsan who’s r blushing)..
Ayaan:when papa
Sanskar:ask ur mumma
Ragini glares at sanskar..ahe managed ayaan…after sometime they left…

All family(sumi ,shek also) reached mumbai..
Ragini was about to enter inside suji stopped her..after a while she came with aarti plate nd rice pot nd all..ragini asks y all this mami..suji said u came after long time..u always new bahu to us..ragini smiles.. she did aarti nd ragini kicked d rice pot..ragini was about to enter..
Sanskar (stops):mom u forgot one thing..
Sanskar:u told once husband should lift his wife in his arms nd take her inside..
All smiles..ragini blushes nd slightly hits sanskar hand..
Suji(to tease sanskar):now no need..come
Sanakar:y mom..u said she is new bahu..i must lift na..
Ram:areh suji let him take
Ayaan:ha dadi..i also want to see..

Sanskar glares at suji..suji laughs nd nodded him to do..
Sanskar lifts ragini..ragini looks and hom lovingly sanskar too looks at her with same passion..they have long eyelock…brks by suji..
Sanskar(came to sense ):what mom
Suji:it has been 15min..we came inside..make her step down
Sanskar embarrassed nd makes her stand..all smiles…
All r sits nd chitchatting..ayaan told them about swallak second baby….
Suji:really..we also want a baby for ayaan..(she looks at ragini)
Sanskar(slowly):if u dont disturb us we will definitely
Ragini hits him playfully
Suji:sanskar kuch kaha tum ne going to my room..saying he hets up.
Suji gives what look..ragini smiles..

Sanskar who was at upstairs signals to ragini to come to room..ragini nodded as no nd says all are here…sanskar pleaded her..ragini nodded nd getsup to go..suji stops nd asks her to come with her to kitchen…sanskar sees suji taking ragini to kitchen nd murmurs villan in my romance..she wants baby but she cant let us together..this mom na..

All r sits for dinner..sanskar signs ragini to sit beside them..before ragini could sit.suji sits..
Suji:kya hua
Sanskar:kuch nay..pass that curry bowl..
Suji:u should have ask this slow also
Sanskar gives a sarcastic smile…suji makes ayaan sit in her lap nd feeds him..ragsan smiles at them…

@ragsan room
Ragini comes to room nd recalling all their moments in room..she caressed their marriage photo which was on wall..she heard ayaan voice..she turned nd sees ayaan with sanskar..
Ayaan:mumma..u r looking beautiful in that photo..
Sanskar:ha..but now ur mumma became fatty?
Ragini pouts
Ayaan:but my mumma always looks beautiful
Ragini smiles nd kissed his cheek while giving glare to sanskar..ram knock d door..sanskar opens..ram asks ayaan to come nd sleep with them..ayaan nodded nd left saying good night to them..
Ragini:mein fat hu

Sanskar smiles nd back hugs her..ragini jerks..sanskar ha but now u r looking se*y now..ragini blushes nd hugs sanskar…sanskar hugs her tightly..again knock on door…they brks d hug..sanskar opens d door nd sees sujatha..
Before sbe could speak…
Sanskar:mom..ragini wont come anywhere..she sleeps here only…
Suji(stunned by his sudden reaction but understand):areh i came to take ayaan not ragini..
Sanskar bites his tongue..ndvsays dad took him..
Suji patted his cheek nd says dont wru i will not disturb u both..
Sanskar:sry mom
Suji goes smilingly..sanskar closed d door..ragini asks y did u talked like that..what mami will think..sanskar said she will understad…ragini about to speak..sanskar placed his finger on her lips…ragini looks at him..sanskar looks at her intensely…

He kissed her both eyes…ragini kissed his both cheeks…sanskar lifts her in his arms nd placed her on bed..he comes over her nd kissed on her lips..ragini also was long passionate kiss..after a while they brk d kiss nd looks at each other eyes..sanskar switched off d light..


  1. meetu

    i read possessive lover yesterday it was super.i cant able to comment from now on wards because im going to 12th special class abd tution but i will read it without fail.i will be ur silent reader dont feel bah plz

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