Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-25

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Sanskar sees ayaan who was in deep thoughts…
Sanskar:ayaan what r u thinking
Ayaan:about u nd mumma
Sanskar:dont wry..ur mumma will accept me soon
Ayaan nodded hopefully
Sanskar: do u knw ayaan when we r studying ur mumma used to be calm ,innocent,always supported me.. she was so sweet that time..but now there is no sweetness ,she became karela now always shouting at me..
Ayaan giggles hearing karela …jst then ragini calls them for dinner..they kept quite nd goes..

Sanyaan sits ,ragini serves..
Ayaan:what u made mumma
Hearing this sanyaan looks at eo nd chukles..
Ragini(sees them):what happend
Ayaan:nothing mumma…he was saying u r so sweet not like karela..
Ragini glares at sanskar,sanskar looks at ayaan..ayaan giggles..
They had dinner….
Ragini brings milk to ayaan room..
Ayaan(sees two glasses in tray):mumma y did u bring two glasses i drink only one na
Sanskar understands its foe him he gets happy as she still remembered sanskar used to drink before going to sleep..
Ragini:vo..vo..this is for ur frnd
Ayaan:frnd u also drink milk before sleeping
Sanskar nodde
Ayaan:but mumma how came u knw it..
Ragini(looks at sanskar who was smiling):vo..vo..i jst gussed
They drnk milk…ragini kissed ayaan forehead nd says good night..sanskar signal i too want good night kiss(without knowledge ayaan)..ragini angrily looks at him nd leaves..sanskar smiles…

Ragini comes to washroom nd shocked to see sanskar there..before she could shout sanskar closes her mouth with his palm..
Sanskar:dnt shout
Ragini signals him ,remove ur hand…sanskar removes his hand frm her mouth..
Ragini:what r u doing here
Sanskar:i came to get bath
Ragini:y did u came this wshroom..
Sanskar:ayaan was bathing in that room so i cme here
Ragini:this is my washroom u have to take permission before u cme
Sanskar:u r mt wife..y should i take permission
Ragini:look mr sanskar
Sanskar:what mrs sanskar
Ragini(irritated):get out..i have to ger fresh
Sanskar:i want to get fresh…come we Will bath together..he winks at her..
Ragini:shut up nd go…what if ayaan comes here..go

Saying he drags her she landed on his chest..he encircles his hands around her waist..ragini asks him to leave her..sanskar placed his finger on her lip “shhh”…
ragini looks at his eyes nd lost..sanskar sensuously caresses her face with his finger..ragini closed her eyes…he kissed her forehead ,both eyes nd cheeks..he leaned to her lips ragini senses this nd parts her lips like let him kiss being lost)..he was about to kiss..they hears ayaan voice..they came to sense..ragini opend her eyes..she composed herself nd pushes sanskar…
Ayaan:mumma mumma where r u
Ragsan both look at eo..ragini glares at sanskar nd sanskar gives a naughty look..
Ayaan:mumma r u in waahroom
Ragini(signals sanskar keep quite):ha ayaan
Ayaan:come fast im getting late for school
Ragini:ha ayaan im coming
Ayaan:k..mumma have u seen my friend anywhere
Sanskar about to reply
Ragini(closed sanskar mouth):no ayaan
Ayaan:i didnt find him anywhere in house
Sanskar kisses her palm which is on his lips.
Ragini (glaring sanskar who was giving naughty smile):i think he went somewhere..he will come
Ayaan:k mumma
Ragini peeps outside nd sees ayaan left..she takes a realief..she sees sanskar who was still kissing her palm..ragini takes off her hand nd pushes sanskar out of d washroom..sanskar gives annoyed look to her ragini shuts d door…

Ragsanyaan having breakfast…
Ayaan:frnd where did u went before a while
Sanskar(looks at ragini ,ragini signs him to no):vo i went was beautiful i liked that verymuch..i wish i want to go daily
Ragini( gives a unbelievable look to sanskar):ayaan stop talking eat quickly u r getting late for school..
Ayaan nodded nd had bf he left for school bidding bye to ragsan..

Ragini comes to sanskar cabin nd doesnt find him..she sees his mbl which was on was ringing caller name displayed as Ria…
Ragini mumbles ria? who is she…she says to herself whoever it be i dont care..she comes out frm cabin nd dashed with sanskar who was jst entering into cabin…before ragini could fall sanskar holds her…
Sanskar(makes her stand):walk carefully
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:u r coming frm my cabin is any work wirh me
Ragini:i came to give file..i kept it on table
Sanskar:k..r u k..looking disturbed
Ragini:im k
Sanskar nodded nd gets inside..
Ragini stands nd thinks am i disturbed.. no..y should perfectly k..she peeps into sanskar cabin nd sees sanskar was talking on phone laughing.. looks very happy..ragini wondered who was it..

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  1. Lovely Chappy.RagSan & Sanayan scenes r sooo cute :-* .Now who is this Ria?Waiting for next chappy

    1. Lahari

      Thank u..u will get to knw about ria in upcoming epusodes dear

  2. Mmp

    Awesome update… Naughty sanskaar n jealous ragini… Waiting for the next update.. 🙂

  3. Poonam

    awesome loved their nokh jokh ragini should not forgive him easily she shouldn’t give up fasr and loved naughty sanky

  4. Awesome as always

  5. Asw

    Nice ragsan are cute keep going

  6. Follybraverl

    Nice be regular

  7. Dharani

    awesome i loved sanskar and ayaan scenes so much

  8. Lovely7

    Amazing as usual

  9. Awesome
    ….. U know… I know that eho is ria…… Ria ia small cute chubby girl who talks to sanky….. Nd d reason for sanky alive after their breakup……. Hahahaha… Nyc imaginations naaa…. How cute

    1. Lahari

      Thank u..nice imagination dear but not exactly crt

  10. Ur silent reader is back. Today epi was sooooooooo super and no words to express.waiting for next and I hope rialto won’t create problem between ragsan like kavitha??????????????with eager see u soon bye

    1. Lahari

      Thank u meethu

  11. amazing

  12. Dout what do u mean by karela.???????

    1. Lahari

      Bitter gourd

  13. Inu

    Superb epi.

  14. Awesome…

  15. Awesmeee…

  16. Jazzy

    amazingg qnd is that a child who called???

    1. Lahari

      Thank u..she is not a child dear

  17. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…..bathroom scenes superbbb dear…..good night kiss scenes also supper….loved it alot….
    Ohhh my ragu u got jealous…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

    1. Lahari

      Thank u asra

  18. SparkQween

    Waiting 4 the next update

  19. A.xx

    amazing loved it and post soon xx

  20. Superb but plz b regular. .u r giving nice story but making us to wait alot but v will wait becaz ur story S awesome and deserves it

    1. Lahari

      Thank u sorry dear i cant give regular updates..sry once again dear

  21. Shrilatha

    Superb…she is a friend I guess

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